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Author name (interview link) Main Genres Character and Book (link to Amazon)
Abbie Chandler dark fantasy Lia of The Veiled Soul
A.E. Lowan urban fantasy Alerich of Ties of Blood and Bone.
AJ Carbonell Lit-RPG fantasy Jael of Teliko Mageia
AJ Culey young adult humour Melvin Moose of The Trouble with Antlers
AJ Mullican dystopian science-fiction Clare of Abnormal
Aldrea Alien paranormal romance
Alex Marchant young adult historical fiction Matthew of The Order of the White Boar
Alison Morton alternative history thriller Aurelia Mitela of Aurelia
Aliya DalRae paranormal romance Jessica Sweet of Sweet Vengeance
Alvin Atwater mythological fantasy Abaddon of Fragment
A.M. Justice science fantasy Vic the Blade of A Wizard’s Forge
A.M. Rycroft dark fantasy Tynan Selvantyr of Into the Darkness
AN Mouse dystopian science fantasy Oliver of Lost Names
Ana Elise Meyer modern-day paranormal thriller Marie from Marie
Andy Peloquin dark epic fantasy The Hunter of Darkblade Assassin
Angelina Kerner urban-fantasy Mikhail of The Scented Bones
Angelique S. Anderson modern-day science-fiction thriller Adam Carpenter of Eden’s Serum
Anna Smith Spark grimdark fantasy Tobias of The Court of Broken Knives
Anne Joyce (Rasico) dystopian science fiction Joshua of Arid
Assaph Mehr historical urban-fantasy murder mystery
Archer Kay Leah science-fantasy romance  Aeley Dahe of A Question of Counsel
Barbara Underwood ancient historical fantasy Rhuna of her eponymous book series, starting with Keeper of Wisdom
Ben Cass contemporary fantasy Alistair of The Lost Tayamu
Bo Wu middle-grade magical-realism Benji of Mermaids Are Real
Bonnie Milani young adult science-fiction Nikki Sotolongo of Cherry Pickers
Brant von Goble science fiction SAGE on the pages of Foresight
Brent A Harris alternative history Colonel George Washington of A Time of Need
Brian Basham dystopian future Hannah of Booting Up
Caiseal Mor historical fantasy Hugh Connor of King of the Blind
Cameron J Quinn new adult urban fantasy Zurik of How to Get Arrested and the continuing Starsboro Chronicles
Candace Robinson young adult magical realism Maisie of Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault and The Bride of Glass
Carey Henderson apocalyptic fantasy Machidiel of Aeon of Wonder
Carol James Marshall science fantasy horror Superior Mother, leader of the Women of the Grey, of Starburst
CB Pratt magical realism Eno of Eno the Thracian series
Catherine Stein historical fantasy Henry Ainsworth of How to Seduce a Spy
Cindy Tomamichel historical romance Trajan of Druid’s Portal: The First Journey
Claire Buss dystopian science fiction  Kira and Jed of The Gaia Effect
Colin Brodd viking historical-fantasy  Asa of The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper
Crystal King historical fiction – Rome Thrasius of Feast of Sorrow
Cynthia A. Morgan dark epic fantasy Gairynzvl of the Dark Fey trilogy
D. Lieber steampunk fairy tale Ember of The Exiled Otherkin
Dakota Willink contemporary romance Alex Stone of Stepping Stone
Daniel Ottalini alternative history steampunk Julius Brutus Caesar of The Steam Empire Chronicles series
David Brevik epic fantasy Michel Anglo and Vipa of God’s Forsaken
D.C. Ballard science fantasy Kate & Kyle of Chaos Fountain
Deanna Dee contemporary light romance Lydia Bell of One Fling to Rule Them All
Debbie Manber Kupfer young adult paranormal fantasy Miri Katz of P.A.W.S.
Dennis Meredith science-fiction thriller Patrick of The Neuromorphs
Diane May crime thriller Livio Marchiori of EVO
Dianne Lynn Gardner young adult fantasy Ian of Ian’s Realm Saga
DJ Bodden young adult urban fantasy Jonas Black of Black Fall
DL Richardson dystopian science fiction Neah of Earth Quarantined
Donna Dechen Birdwell post-apocalyptic dystopian future Malia Poole of Shadow of the Hare
Dylan Callens philosophical satire Friedrich Nietzsche of Operation Cosmic Teapot
E. Lynn Cormick supernatural mystery Herta Tanner of Der Reizen
E Rachael Hardcastle post-apocalyptic science fiction  Eden Maas of Aeon Infinitum: Run for your Life
Earik Beann hard science fiction Adam on the pages of Killing Adam
Ed McDonald grimdark epic fantasy Ryhalt of Blackwings and Ravencry
Edward Cox grimdark epic fantasy Clara of The Relic Guild series: The Relic Guild, The Cathedral of Known Things, The Watcher of Dead Time
EJ Fisch science fiction intergalactic thriller Ziva Payvan of Daikiti
Ellie Stevenson time travel paranormal Tom of Shadows of the Lost Child
EM Kaplan Agatha Christie style mysteries   Josie Tucker of The Bride Wore Dead
EM Smith special-ops thriller Jamie Kendrick of Bad Decisions
EM Swift-Hook
ER Harding science fantasy Gabriel of Manumission
Eric Thomson military science fiction Zack Decker of the Decker’s War series
Eric Klein hard science fiction BJ Armstrong of The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System
Erin Chase historical fiction – ancient Egypt Sheshamun of Behind Palace Walls
Errin Krystal high fantasy Flintathriël Eliowën of The Last Dragon Rider
Eugene W. Cundiff Science Fiction Elisheva of Songs of Earth
Garth Pettersen viking historical fiction Cora on the pages of Grim
Gavin McCallion dark comedy Gwyn of The Swan’s Road and The Dane Law
GG Atcheson paranormal science-fiction LX of Fate
Greg Krojac hard science fiction Coppélia of the just released The Girl With Acrylic Eyes
Guy Donovan young-adult epic fantasy  Cerys of The Forgotten Princess of Mona
Imowen Lodestone paranormal angst  Jesse of Seasons of Pain
J.C. Stockli paranormal romantic mystery Dr. Skylar Santangelo of Healing The Witch Of Adelaide Glen
J.D. Sanderson time travel mystery Bernard on the pages of A Footstep Echo
J. I. Rogers dystopian science fiction Nash Xander Korpes of The Korpes File
J. P. Ashman dark epic fantasy Sav of Black Cross, the first volume in the Black Powder Wars series.
Jack Massa historical fantasy Korax of The Mazes of Magic
Jamaila Brinkley historical fantasy romance Katherine Ashe and Captain Jack Boone of Captain’s Lady
James Mansfield dark fantasy Bauldane of Ivory Chronicles: Call of the Dead
Jamie Sedgwick paranormal detective Hank Mossberg of Murder in the Boughs
Jane Jago alternative history thriller Dai and Julia of Dying to be Roman and Dying to be Friends
Janet Forster contemporary mythological fantasy Kate of Awakening
Jacqueline Church Simonds post apocalyptic / Arthurian fantasy Ava on the pages of The Midsummer Wife
Jason Komito epic dark fantasy Sapphyre of Sapphyre
Jeffrey Cook (with Katherine Perkins) young adult fantasy Megan O’Reilly of Foul is Fair
Jemahl Evans historical fiction Sir Blandford Candy of The Last Roundhead
Jenna Whittaker science fiction Desu of Watership
Jennifer C. Wilson historical fiction Janet Douglas on the pages of the Kindred Spirits series
Jesse Teller dark fantasy
Jolene Cazzola contemporary women’s fiction Jackie of Love’s Illusions
Jon Maas fan-fiction classic Dante of Inferno
Joseph Malik epic fantasy Jarrod Torrealday of Dragon’s Trail and The New Magic
Jushua McHenry Miller young adult historical fiction  Niklas of Tyrants and Traitors
Julian Green modern day science fiction Jay of Suffrage
K. Quistorff web-serialised epic fantasy Katrisha of Order & Entropy
Kaelan Rhywiol Adult Science Fantasy Mal of Ilavani
Kat Caffee epic dark fantasy Nameless of Followers of Torment series
Kate Quinn historical romance Thea of Mistress of Rome
Katherine Hayton dark crime thriller Daina of Skeletal
Katherine Perkins (with Jeffrey Cook) young adult fantasy Megan O’Reilly of Foul is Fair
Kathleen Doler mystery Dana McCarren of THE HOOK
Kayla Krantz young adult urban fantasy / horror Chance on the pages of Dead by Morning, the first of the already published Rituals of the Night trilogy
Kayla Matt urban fantasy horror Travis Malone and Spencer Abbot of the Hell Bent Series
KP Merriweather psychological science-fiction thriller  Erik Hart of Chain Reaction
Laura Woodswalker science fantasy Nikola Tesla of Tesla’s Signal
Laura Vosika time travel romance Shawn Kleiner of The Blue Bells Chronicles
Leah Devlin historical mystery Detective Lisa Paco of Vital Spark
Leonardo Wild international intrigue thriller Max Villalobos of The Galapagos Agenda
Lily Luchesi urban-fantasy paranormal detective Angelica Cross of The Paranormal Detectives Series
Lyra Shanti science fantasy Ayn of Shiva XIV
M. Pax space opera Craze of The Backworlds
Martyn V. Halm contemporary crime and suspense thrillers Katla Sieltjes and Bram Merleyn of Reprobate, first in the Amsterdam Assassin Series
Mary M. Schmidt dark-humor horror Roach the Demon of Our Frail Disordered Lives
Matthew Willis historical nautical fantasy Midshipman Colyer of Daedalus and The Deep
Mercedes Fox supernatural horror Ted Applegate of Vengeance of the Werewolf
Michael R. Baker Grimdark Epic Fantasy Tyir of The Thousand Scars
Missy Sheldrake children fairy-tale fantasy  Azaeli (Azi) Hammerfel of Keepers of the Wellsprings Series
M.J. Logue historical fiction – English civil war  Captain Hollie Babbitt of Red Horse
ML Spencer dark epic fantasy  Quinlan Reis of Darkstorm and Darkmage
Morgan Smith fantasy Keri of A Spell In The Country
Narayan Liu dark fantasy Aeron of Brittany from The Masks of Monsters
Natalia Brothers paranormal urban fantasy  Valya Svetlova of Soul of the Unborn
Newland Moon dark science-fantasy Zrahnz Uleryn of Rites of Heirdron
Nicholas Wode-Smith science fiction James Terrin on the pages of Fall of Zona Nox
Nicole Luttrell fantasy Sultiana Abella of Broken Patterns and Starting Chains
Nils Visser
NJ Simmonds paranormal/fantasy romance  Ella Fantz of The Path Keeper
Patrick Parker thriller
PJ Roscoe historical thriller Artorius of Between Worlds
Phillip J. Kessler magical realism Malcom of the Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series.
Rayne Hall epic dark fantasy Dahoud and Marida of Storm Dancer
Regan O’Leary crime thriller drama
Richard Penn near future science-fiction crime thriller Lisa of The Dark Colony
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli science fiction Anna Persson of Red Desert
Rita Lee Chapman literary fiction Winston of Winston – A Horse’s Tale
RJ Barker grimdark fantasy Girton Club-foot andf Merela Karn of The Wounded Kingdom series: Age of Assassins, Blood of Assassins, and King of Assassins
Rosie Chapel historical-fantasy romance
Russell Proctor philosophical satire  Emily Branwell of Plato’s Cave
Ruth Downie historical detective set in Roman empire
S. J. A. Turney historical fiction – Rome Marcus Falerius Fronto of Marius’ Mules
S M Henley dark urban fantasy Anastasia (Tazia) of the (completed) Written by Birds trilogy
S. P. Joseph Lyons epic fantasy The DRUX series:

Santana Young science fantasy Duncan Greyson of The Arena
Sarah Buhrman paranormal urban fantasy Nicola Crandall of Too Wyrd
Scott Carruba Contemporary dark urban fantasy Denman Malkuth of Dance of the Butterfly
Shakyra Dunn fantasy Ramiel Vesarus of First Words: Final Lesson
S. Shane Thomas science-fantasy Bobby Rogers of A Paleolithic Fable
Sheri-Lynn Marean dark paranormal romance Tierney of the Dracones series, starting with Dracones Awakening
Simon Williams
Stefan Vučak dystopian science-fiction Nash of Lifeliners
Stephanie O’Brien humorous magical realism Nyla of Catgirl Roommate: A Cat Lover’s Comedy Novel
Steve Bassett historical mystery Nick of Father Divine’s Bikes
Steven Brust fantasy Vlad Taltos of the Jhereg series
Susan B. Marcus young adult epic fantasy Sweetnettle of Malevir: Dragons Return
Tabi Slick young adult fantasy Choyce on the pages of the Tompkin’s School trilogy
Tabitha Caplinger young adult fantasy Maggie of Chronicles of the Three trilogy
Tahani Nelson epic dark fantasy Faoii-Kaiya of The Last Faoii/td>
Thomas M. D. Brooke historical fiction Cassius or Roman Mask
Tim Taylor contemporary political thriller  President Carlos Almanzor of Revolution Day
Timothy Bateson urban fantasy
Tony Duxbury historical time-travel adventure JoJo Smith of The Adventures of JoJo Smith
Tracy Lawson dystopian near future Tommy of Counteract
Tracy Palmer paranormal fantasy Talasara of Tribrid
Ulff Lehmann epic fantasy Drangar Ralgon of Shattered Dreams
Wendy Waters paranormal romantic suspense Mary Granger and the angel Gabriel of Catch the Moon, Mary
Yvette Bostic historical fantasy Raphael of the Light in the Darkness series
Zen DiPietro fantasy sci-fi Izzy Gin of Seeking Sorrow, Facing Fortune and the newly released Breaking Bard!
Zora Marie young adult fantasy Zelia of Free of Asenten