Dear readers, tonight with me is woman with powers beyond any human, trying to prevent the destruction of our world by her father.

She is here to tell us about her efforts to redeem herself, save the world, and about certain ancient relics that lie hidden in our world – and of the travellers who come looking for them.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

I appreciate what you are trying to do, really. But you need to think very carefully about what questions you ask me. I know you feel like you have a duty to the people of this planet to find out about me. It’s admirable. But I know the purpose of this interview. The President wants to use it for propaganda, but for you it’s a record, history in the making and the reason behind all the deaths.

I’m sorry for making you feel nervous, but understand, there are some things I won’t answer. My secrets are too important to share, some of your people have already tried to kill me for them. I might have agreed to this interview as a favor for the President, but that doesn’t mean you have carte blanche. I won’t answer every question.

That said, I was born in a place I only knew as the Facility, in a crèche of my half-brothers and sisters. It was somewhere in the White Realm, that’s all I know. My slave name was Juliet. You can call me Jay. No. I know what you are thinking, my name has nothing to do with William Shakespear. It comes from the military phonetic alphabet. You know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…Delta. I remained in the facility until I was rescued by the Rebellion. I’m telling you this because it’s not me you need to fear. It’s the Monarchs that think they can do what they want, because they have the power, and no consequences for their actions.

What can you tell us about-?

No. I don’t consider him my Father. I call him The Inseminator. It’s an appropriate name for a monster of his caliber. You have no idea what he is capable of. He and the other Royals. He is worse than any of your history’s despots. Who was Adolf Hitler? Yes, even worse than him. During the Monarch War, he slaughtered half the world until there was no one willing to stand against him. Just let that sink in. Half the world.

Did you have any favourite t-?

A Leibar. Given to me by my Dad. He told me I could always use it to share my secrets and fears when I couldn’t talk to people. It helped. You’re confused. Ah, I see, you call them teddy bears after your President Roosevelt. He didn’t exist where I’m from, so we have a different name for them. A lot of things are different here. My parents tried to give me as normal an upbringing as they could after they rescued me, but my very existence was a secret. Only a few people in the Rebellion knew what and who I am. I spent a lot of time in hidden bases and safe houses, moving around. So, having one item of constant familiarity I could take with me…yes, I loved that leibar.

Are there-?


What was -?


In Rio when you-?

I know people are curious about that. I’ve seen the footage. I know it scared everyone, but you should be scared. And angry. This isn’t something I want to talk about, but you need to know I acted in self-defense. You should blame The Walker King.

What are-?

They are ancient relics, left behind by whoever moved the planet into the Goldilocks zone billions of years ago. No, I don’t know why they did it. How would I know what they looked like?


It’s called a lightship. They are common where I am from. We have many advances you do not from Empress Yoshimoto’s key. Yes. All kinds of things, I’m still amazed you use fossil fuels. Oh, no, I’m not the one to ask. Alexander Tesla, – No, his grandson actually. Huh, well, I know, but that’s classified. Yes, it does look like a guitar doesn’t it?

What is the best-?

You think being able to see inside people’s heads is a gift? It’s a curse. If I wasn’t able to form mental shields, the constant chatter would probably drive me insane. Mind you, it’s nice to know what some people really think of me. Knowing if someone cares about me or is just trying to use me for their own ends. But most people’s heads are sewers I’d prefer to stay out of.

Tell us a little about-?

Those are my parents. Well, Mom used to be a Royal Peacekeeper, yes, that’s why she’s so large. Amazonian, that’s a good description. Dad was a Rebel Assassin. Yes, an unlikely combination, but they make it work. Eww. Yes, I know he’s very good-looking thank-you, but that’s my Dad. Sheesh. Keep it in your pants woman. Him? Oh, because he looks familiar, I see. He’s my friend and our pilot. No, not that kind of friend, he doesn’t…mm that’s his secret. Mack is, yes, she was a doctor. I think we should move on.

Any romantic-?

Are you serious? You’re asking me a question like this is some kind of celebrity interview. Who is Kim Kardashian? What? No, I don’t think I look like Kim Kardashians little sister. Look at that huge bum. Oh, that has to be manipulated. There’s no way she really looks like that. Next question.



What’s your favourite drink-?

I don’t drink, it would be dangerous. Oh, not for me, for everyone else. Would you really want me in your brain if I was drunk? Yeah, didn’t think so. Actually, I am old enough where I come from, what’s the legal drinking age here? Huh, that old? Well I guess I’m not old enough then.

What does the future-?

I can’t see the future. That’s not how it works. I know you are looking for reassurance that everything is going to be okay, but I can’t give it to you. Listen, you’ll just have to hunker down like everyone else and hope we succeed. Or sign up, the draft can’t be far away.

Do you ever r-?

Relax? It’s a race. Yes, I know where they are, but so do the Royals. I normally read to relax or watch holovids. You don’t have them here? Movies then. You should tell me some good ones. Maybe I’ll get a chance to watch them.

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

… No. My secrets are too dangerous to share.

Julian Green lives in Brisbane Queensland with a small tortoiseshell lion called Missy. He attempts to mash words together under the guidance of his thick-knuckled Muse called Wonde, when he’s not trying to be a beach bum.

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