This site is dedicated to the characters living inside books. Each week we publish an interview with a protagonist or other character from a novel we believe you should read.

Yep, you read that right. The protagonist – or antagonist! – from the book. Not the author. Not the reviewer. The character. We aim to put the people who really matter out in the limelight — to be heard, to be felt. As readers, they are the ones we care about the most.

The interviews are done by authors for their own characters, and thus give you a unique perspective into the writings and worlds. Whether you’re an established fan eager for more information on the books you like or a reader looking for promising works, here you’ll find opportunities like nowhere else!

This is a new concept in book-blogging, one that is catching like wildfire (you should see our pipeline of character interviews!). It has been created and managed by Assaph Mehr of

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