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Kate of (Awakening by Janet Forster)

Awakening - The Last Anakim - Janet ForsterDear readers, tonight with me is a young woman, born to become an angel. In a world on the verge of destruction, Kate is here to tell us of fallen angels and the struggles of love.



What was your childhood like?

Mmm, let’s see. I was packed up, my life in a bag, and shunted off to boarding school because my parents’ relationship was all over the place. They were together one minute, separated the next and then back together again. Even Noodle, our already anxious Labradoodle, was considering an extended vacation! I was the ‘peace-maker’ in the family, but it was stressful always being the one to try and get Mum and Dad to kiss and make up. I turned to music … literally drowned myself in the magical world of sound I discovered.

My best times were spent with Nanny. I used to stay at her home at the beach a lot, sometimes for the whole holiday. We’d eat fish and chips and jam donuts for lunch and I was always barefoot and sunburned. She was my very first piano teacher. I remember the brandy and water she sipped swaying in a small crystal tumbler on top of her old upright piano as I played Für Elise and the smell of lavender as she reached across me to turn the pages. Continue reading “Kate of (Awakening by Janet Forster)”

Talasara (from Tribrid by Tracy Palmer)

Tracy Palmer - TribridDear readers, tonight is a full moon, but we were promised that we are quite safe in hosting this young woman on the interview couch. She has only recently come out of thee hundred years of seclusion, keeping her nature secret while studying witchcraft.



When were you born? What do you remember of your childhood?

I was born in 1703 a few miles outside of Glasgow, Scotland. As for what I remember from my childhood… everything. For some reason, I can remember nearly every minute of my life and the things that have happened. I can even remember the sound of my mother’s voice. Even though she technically died before I was born. Sometimes that ability comes in handy. Other times… well… it can be a burden. Especially when I think about the people that I have lost in my lifetime. Continue reading “Talasara (from Tribrid by Tracy Palmer)”

Miri Katz (of P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer)

Debbie Mamber Kupfer - PAWSDear readers, tonight with me is a young woman, who following her grandmother’s death had uncovered some dark family secrets. Forced into a boarding school and taunted by bullies, her heirloom opens new possibilities for her.



What do you remember of your parents and grandmother? Was there ever a clue that your family might be different?

I was brought up by my omama (grandmother) Celia Katz. My mother Nora left me with her wrapped in a blue shawl shortly after I was born and I’ve never seen her since. I don’t know who my father was.

It doesn’t matter though as I loved growing up with Omama. She came originally from Vienna and used to make these wonderful Viennese cakes. When I think back to it I think maybe there was magic in those desserts – I’ve tried to bake cakes like hers and never succeeded. I miss Omama a lot. She died on my tenth birthday. Continue reading “Miri Katz (of P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer)”

Nameless (of the Followers of Torments series by K. Caffee)


Dear readers, tonight is a first for us! With us is someone – some thing – without a name, one of the legendary Pukah. “What are the Pukah?” I hear you ask. Well, that is something that we would all like to know. Due to the Pukah rather, errm, unique nature, their creator K. Caffee is also with us. So it’s our absolute pleasure to break new grounds, and interview both the protagonist and the author at the same time!



So what, exactly, are the Pukah?

Know not me.  Some me pukah call, Master am, Runner am, Silk was.  Pukah?  Di’tang ask must.

(K. Caffee:  Until Nameless encountered Raonal, he had no idea he was anything other than an unusually adept fighter.  Even Raonal (Nameless calls him Di’tang – or Silken slave) hasn’t been able to fully explain the race.

The short answer is that they are a type of faerie crossbreed.  Typically, a pukah will bring joy, laughter, and inspiration into the life of anyone they meet, though there are some whose tendencies lean towards the more malicious end of the spectrum.  The full answer can be found here: “What are Pukah?”  (

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

Live I, eat I.  Obey must always, exactly.  Question not.  Play, fun have, free was.  Her honor always everything.  Honor not, live not eat not.  Speak She, tell all, teach well.  Obey did, live I, eat I.

(K. Caffee:  Nameless was born to the slave cells of the Melkresken and was not socialized until he was about seven.  Before that, he remained in complete isolated darkness.  Between the pukah inability to tell unadulterated truths and his early childhood, he mangles his syntax.  I’m just happy he can string together an almost coherent sentence – most children raised in similar environments never manage to accomplish that. Even after he began learning to speak, he remained in isolation until he became an adult.)

Did you have any favourite activities as a child? Any cherished memories?

Train.  Train better get: faster, stronger, agile more.  Train apart, my way learn not boring same techniques – weakness had, better way my.  Train move meant – run, run, run, honor Her always, run.

Maim fight – Her Children feed live do.  Honor Her, Children like live food more than dead.  Remember meet Her.  Glorious night was – hear Her, along after never.  Honor Her, care me did.

(K. Caffee:  Once he was given a rudimentary vocabulary, he was sent out for combat training.  Unlike his non-training hours, he felt as if he were free because the training arena was so much larger than his cell and he could move around without having to shorten his stride, or restrain his movements. 

When he started fighting as a young man, he took it upon himself to maim his opponents, rather than kill them so that the Web Mother’s Children could have a live meal from his hands.  For this, the Web Mother honored him and the other fighters were frightened of him.)

What do you do now?

Now Runner, stable build.  Potentials seek, you wish one be?  Obey you, live you, eat you.  Please, learn, well fight Runner become you.  Potentials find hard, leave home search.  Fill stable, home honor Her.  Blood of fighters money not!

(K. Caffee: When he won his freedom, he took on the rank of Runner.  However, the reward he received caused him to be an outcast.  He had to leave his home Realm in order to rebuild without sacrificing what power base he’d managed to accumulate.

Even when he returns, he is determined to see to it that the cultural acceptance of wagering political power on the outcome of the fights that is done by those who have never had to fight is ended.  There is a history there he does not know, and will be exposed in a different series I have not yet started to work on.)

What can you tell us about your immediate and future plans are?

Plans?  Plan not.  Stable fill, home go.  Her Bond gone, make new must.  Marked am, favor gone not.  Why Bond broke?  Test is?  Test pass!  Win I, live I, eat I!  Di’tang die for, Bond back.

Wager blood fighter stop, fighter only.  Wrong is, fix will.  Plan not, happen will.

(K. Caffee:  There is a lot that breaks loose at the end of  Into the Sunlits, part of which is the soul bond Nameless has with the Web Mother has been shattered.  However, there is more than meets the eye to this event, And Keep This In Mind is the journey Nameless must take to understand what is happening.  He may return home, but is it the home he left, or has he changed so much that he sees it as an outsider would?)

What was your first reaction when it was explained that outside the Arenas females outranked the males?

Hard understand.  In Arenas – collar from father, mother nothing.  Females fight rare.  What free do Matriarchs honor more?  Mother female, matriarchs female – honor Her, honor them.  Mother Call Child to Ascension.  Matriarchs call fighters to match.

(K. Caffee:  Nameless had a very hard time adapting to the rules beyond the Arena after he won his freedom.  The only reason there is a story after the change was because he was so devoted to Her, and She rewarded him by stepping in to negotiate a place for him to “learn the ropes”.  Otherwise, he would have died in his first week as a free man.

There were other rules he had to learn as well, which unfortunately for him didn’t help much.  With his upbringing, if you tell him that  something is done a certain way, there are no exceptions; the society he found himself in had more exceptions than the English language has for grammatical and spelling rules for any given law, custom, or regulation.  Not sure how he’s going to do beyond his home Realm, once he starts interacting with villages and more civilized populations.)

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

Fail I, die I.  Death Her not honor.

(K. Caffee:  This takes a bit of explaining, and it has to do with Nameless’ perception of what he is.  He sees himself as a living appendage of the Web Mother, rather than an individual.  Everything he does is to honor Her, and bring Her glory. 

He knows that some matches, should he have been killed, would have brought Her disgrace because he was under matched.  As with any fight-to-the-death scenario, there is always the possibility that a completely incompetent opponent will get the lucky shot in that could have killed him.  Should that have happened, then he would have disgraced Her, and broken his oath to honor Her in all things.)

What is the worst thing about being raised as a fighter, and winning your freedom?

When young know expected is.  Win, live, eat, fight, obey.  Always obey.  Fight all – touch attack is.  Insult respond attack.  Help none, help receive not.  All Her wish live, Her honor be.

Fight now not.  Insult – fight not.  Touch – attack not.  Help give not.  Vergol teach how Runner be.  “Negotiate” honor Her.  “Pay” survive do.  Win not pay, punish do.  Learn how rules outside be.  Learn: “Eight copper equal light silver.  Eight light silver equal one gold.  Eight gold equal one heavy silver. Carry coin not – heavy is.  Carry gem worth money.”

Learn:  Matrons right, champion wrong.  Learn: pass false coin wrong, matron right if pass light silver as heavy.  Learn “yell” hurt worse than Silk.  Learn fighter blood prestige grow if Clan runner not was.

Many rules, laws, customs learn beyond Owner Gates.  How enter Silk to matches – who talk, who not.  Learn must accept too much as not enough.  Learn Menial cost too much, Locks not much.  Learn how talk freeborn as Runner not Silk.

(K. Caffee:  Nameless suffered a severe culture shock when he won his freedom.  As a fighter, his life was relatively simple:  obey and win.  If he accomplished those two edicts, then he was well rewarded.  However, once he passed through to freedom, he had to learn how to not only survive, but also ensure others knew him as a Runner.  The society is extremely stratified, which meant that he was forced into clothes he did not understand (or feel comfortable in), and he was forced to take up the accoutrements of his new rank which provided him a luxury he had never been exposed to before.  What do you do when you are used to constant activity and are suddenly forced into a life of idle ease?)

What is the best thing about it?

Obey know result.  Win, eat, live.  Free fight.  Free kill.  Honor fight, win.  Now fight, now train, now eat, now sleep always same.

(K. Caffee:  Not going to say much, since I think Nameless gets his point across fairly well here.  Just going to clarify that he much preferred the structured life of his fighting years to the semi-organized chaos he’s living in now as a free man.)

Tell us a little about your companions.

Learn am who with be can.  Master longer no Master, now Gartal.  Hard learn kneel not.  Vergol master no, Vergol is.  Hard respect.

Silk, Di’tang, trainer learn must proper be.  One “alpha” call, two “Master” call, one “beast”, “fiend” call.  Break must, learn must.  Some live may, some live not.  Custom follow, law broke.  Learn not, die before Sands meet.  Power lose not potentials poor.  More find, more train.

(K. Caffee:  Nameless’ companions are his Silks that he has captured.  It is a strange mix, and so far he hasn’t had very good luck in capturing suitable potential fighters.  The one who may have been acceptable is a thief, whose crime is punishable by death.  The other two – he’s still trying to figure out what to do with them.  The last is his trainer, and she will never be sent to the Sands to fight – she is too valuable to risk losing.)

Any romantic involvement?

Mean you what?

Whom (or what) do you really hate?

Power win fighter’s blood, fighter not.  Wager, always wager bigger house, stronger Clan, power more earn not.  Safe sit, wager always wager.  Fighter die – blood fill Sands.  Wager mean?  Safe is, fight not, stronger is.  Free lost when match won, free lost when match lost – why?  Risk what blood Sands fill?  Why stronger is match lost?

(K. Caffee:  Nameless sees nothing wrong with the culture he grew up in, except for the ability of the freeborn to wager political capital on the matches when they have never had to face death in the Sands of the various arenas.  This has caused him no end of political problems once he was made aware of the issue.  It is a war he is destined to lose every time, but one he refuses to give up.)

What’s your favourite drink, colour, and relaxing pastime?

Think called “citrus water” – refresh more water, last longer ale.  Feel better, reward sought big.  Master pleased – reward get, crowd pleased – reward might, She pleased – reward get extra!

Blood most precious – blood diamond, blood stone, blood pact, blood debt.  Blood favorite see.

Run – upset, run; angry, run; bored, run.  Stretch full stride, not stop.  Run tired past, run complaint away, run better is.

What does the future hold for you?

Mother in heart, Mother in soul again.  Stable full, honor Her always.  Fighter blood no coin for freeborn, for Owners.  Fighter blood for Runner only.

(K. Caffee:  This is another case of Nameless wanting, and the story being entirely two different concepts.  There is much afoot in And Keep This In Mind that may change Nameless’ answer as parts are unveiled.  Where he is now is a very dark place – one that makes his childhood look like a cake walk.  How will he recover, and what will he be like as he does so?  That is the big question everyone is asking.  As the author, I know where he’s going – and an astute reader may have also picked up on the hints.  Nameless has no idea about the torments that are in store for him as he moves into the next chapter of his life.)

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

What new tell?  Silk, Di’tang, Sericil, Trainer with stable home go.  Called I?  Free all be.

(K. Caffee: Nameless is slowly coming to understand that what he’s done in capturing others from the Sunlits is not right.  He is trapped between his upbringing – once captured, there is not freedom except through the Ascendance Trials – and the growing knowledge that capturing others is wrong.  If he is Called to Ascension, there is an unused tradition that all of his slaves are freed to ensure all honor is given to the Web Mother.

He is partially right on what’s in store.  The question now is which part is correct, and which is wrong?)

K. Caffee has always been a storyteller. Now, she is sharing her words with the world, rather than a small group clustered around to hear what she has to say. 

When she is not taking anyone on a ride through her wild imagination, she is thinking of something new to tell, trying to keep her cats from claiming the keyboard from her, or studying to pass her next class exam.

This is part of the Pukah’s Grand Blog Tour. Other stops can be found at: Kristan’s Desk, Ducky’s Quill, Aaron-Michael Hall

You can get the novels of the Followers of Torment series on Amazon, as well as on SmashWords. The novels are: Out of the Darkness, Remember the Shadows, and Into the Sunlits. A companion novella, Beslynx Spiritwalker, has already been published, and another one, Akantheldama Intu, is coming soon. 

We will resume our regular scheduling on Friday, with a young girl who was surprised to realise that she lives every young girl’s dream. Please follow the site by email (bottom-right), via Twitter or like our Facebook page to be notified when the next interview is posted.

Megan O’Reilly (of Foul is Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins)

Foul is Fair Dear readers, tonight with me is young girl, suffering from ADHD. Like many young girls her age, she always dreamt she was a Fairy Princess.

One day, she found out that was true. Things got complicated from there.



When you grew up, did you have any clues about your family being different?

I thought it was the /regular/ kind of different. I didn’t have any contact with my dad, and not much information about him. It was just me and my mom — and my ADHD, and Mom’s depression and other issues.

What was it like growing up with ADHD?

When I was little, it flew under the radar, because I wasn’t the type that got in trouble in school. I just had an overactive imagination, and you can get away with that when you’re little–and gosh, who knows how much of that now was imagination and how much was seeing actual Faerie things until I hushed because Mom didn’t want to hear about it. Homework still mostly got done, while hanging with Lani, and any time I wasn’t with Lani, I was drawing. And, well, a lot of time with Lani, I was drawing. Even in class, I was drawing, but you can get away with that when you’re little, too. When you’re older, not so much. Continue reading “Megan O’Reilly (of Foul is Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins)”

Abaddon (of Fragment by Alvin Atwater)

Fragment - Alvin AtwaterDear readers, tonight with us is the mysterious Abaddon, the antagonist of Fragment. While Jonas Ariel (the protagonist) is out there, trying to impress the gods, Abaddon has stopped by on our interview couch for a little chat.



Part I: Let’s Start at the Beginning…

What’s your name?

I am Abaddon.

Give me your full name…

You humans ask for sensitive information. If I see any pathetic guards come after me, I will find you. *sigh* Abaddon Terres.

Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?

The Grim Reaper. A courtesy name of you humans.

What species are you?

Reaper. My original being is a secret.

Where/when were you born?

Olympians called my birth realm The Unknown. I am bound by that book carried by the creator of the universe and it doesn’t allow me to speak or write the true name.

Okay, now…do you believe that you are good or bad or are those terms not definable?

I am neither good nor evil. I am me and I do what I want. I followed laws until those pathetic cowards framed me.

Part II: Tell Us More About Yourself…

How would you describe your personality?

I’ve lived for a long time. I’m calm. Some of my minions may feel that I’m a little dark, I can tell but always calm. Calculating. Sometime my patience can be tested.

Would you say you’re someone who can handle pressure? What’s a good example?

Well, for one running an entire army of demons isn’t as easy as you think. Sure, their fear of me make it easier, but they’re not just an army. My minions are loyal to the bone.

Do you get along with others?

…. Maybe. I’m the blasted Grim Reaper. A lone wolf. A leader. Of course I don’t! Well there is one but she doesn’t respect any boundaries I set. Annoying woman, she is.

Who are your main enemies, people you would like to see stopped from whatever they are doing?

The Twelve. I want to kill them all ESPECIALLY that blasted White Witch.

How about allies?

My armies of course. That’s all I need…and that annoying angel woman…

What is one thing that you would like to see happen in the immediate future?

The Twelve dead, Zeus dead, his head rolling across the realms with a shocked expression. That Jonas boy, who wields the holy sword, and is bounded to me, dead. But not easily dead. I’ve got something special prepared for him.

Part III: Hypothetically…

Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why?

I would be the first reaper-god, unstoppable. Everyone will fear the name Abaddon, more than ever, to their cores.

One of your enemies just complimented you. What is your response?

Kill them and then drag their souls to the depths of Hell.

One of your friends just insulted you. What is your response?

Kill them and then drag their souls to the depths of Hell.

If you could change anything about yourself…

I would make myself impossible to seal.

Tell me about where you grew up…

*tsk* *tsk* Human. That book will not let me speak of that place.

Part IV: Now We Get Personal

What’re your parents like?

Strict and pleasant to the eye. I always hated that.

Do you have any siblings?


What’s your occupation? Do you like it?

Even though my power was sealed and title stolen, I am still the Grim Reaper. And I had no hate about my job. Just got it done.

Are you seeing/dating anyone?

…That woman is quite persistent. Her angelic allure is nearly impossible to resist.

If not, did you ever think about getting engaged or married and to whom?


Tell us your biggest secret.

If you tell anyone, expect nightmares. My biggest secret is…that I love that woman. I may not show it, I may be dark, but I’d erase the souls of anyone who’d harm her. She’ll never know this of course. Showing love is a weakness. Hell, love is a weakness. I guess even the Grim Reaper has one.

Your worst fear? You don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want to.

My worst fear… HA! I am the fear! I am the one who haunts every nightmare. I am the dark to the light, the snatcher of your soul.

Tell us one thing you’re the most proud of and why?

How easily it is to advance into Zeus’ territory and no one can stop me. I really am quite powerful and they have every right to fear me.

Alvin Atwater is a fantasy enthusiast and master storyteller at heart. As a Florida-born voice, he wishes to bring upon his own writing style geared to epic fighting scenes, development in romance, humor, and a reason to grow attached to his characters.

Abaddon appears on the pages of Fragment, which is on promotion now for only $0.99! So if you like what you’ve just read, we suggest you hurry on to Amazon and grab yourself a copy!

We’ll resume our regular scheduling on Friday, when we will interview a young woman, who, following her grandmother’s death, uncovered some dark family secrets. Please follow the site by email (bottom-right), via Twitter or like our Facebook page to be notified when the next interview is posted.

Vornen (of Oblivion’s Forge by Simon Williams)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dear readers, tonight with me is a member of a truly alien race. They have at last found the world of Aona, and in so doing have awaken ancient powers. Their world is now in turmoil, on the verge of total war.


Tell us about the world of Aona, what is it like?

Aona is vast – with four main lands, Aphenhast, Harn, Alhar and the separate lands of the South Ocean Islands. A lot of it remains unexplored. Aphenhast is ruled by one ruling family in the south, although their influence doesn’t extend much further than the Crescent mountains.

What can you tell us about the mysterious Gates?

I’m drawn to them and for a moment I see something that’s like a tear in the fabric of reality – a window to somewhere else, you might say. Some lead to other worlds, some lead only out into the Void between worlds. Regardless of that, all of them are dangerous and unpredictable. Legend has it that they were used millennia ago by the creatures known as marandaal, in an attempt to destroy all life on Aona. Continue reading “Vornen (of Oblivion’s Forge by Simon Williams)”

Zelia the Phoenix of Hope (of Free of Asenten by Zora Marie)


Zora Marie - Free of Asenten

Dear readers, tonight with us is a desperate girl facing a harrowing choice. Will she be the rising of hope or despair? Join us as we talk with her about her magical upbringing.




Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

“I spent most of my childhood a little south of the Mountain of The Old Ones. It was okay, the land was beautiful and most of the species that lived there were kind to one another. It’s just, it could never have been my home, not with everything that was done to me and the things I was forced to do to others. No, where I truly grew up and learned was before that, even if my time there was comparatively little. I was raised by an elf in The Elven Kingdom of The East, until my first death. After that is when I was bound to that cave, with magic concealing me from the world with only those I was forced to torture and kill being allowed see me. Of course that is with the exception of Asenten since he was the one holding me captive.” Continue reading “Zelia the Phoenix of Hope (of Free of Asenten by Zora Marie)”

Anna Persson (of Red Desert series by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli)

Red Desert

Dear readers, tonight we deviate from our usual Friday schedule, in order to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the an important event in human space exploration – Viking 1 became the first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars!

The following interview was originally published in Italian as “Intervista ad Anna Persson” on, and is republished here with permission.

Translation by Eric Klein.

Interview with Anna Persson

For several days now I am immersed in the lives of the creatures encased in what you call books. For days I come into contact with the entities in them and I interact with these entities, I can participate in their stories, the events that the imagination of the authors pour on the pages, whether they are digital or not.

My name is Lok and if you have followed me you know that I can do this and more.

Today I got in touch with Anna Persson, the main character of the Red Desert series by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli. Anna is a friendly person yet reserved, it was not easy snatch two words from her. Since I’m not human I tried to be as empathetic as possible, trusting however on her curiosity about space and the endless creatures it hosts.

Warning, the following interview contains elements that reveal the events depicted in the books of Red Desert (they are called spoilers, aren’t they?). Continue reading “Anna Persson (of Red Desert series by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli)”

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