Dear reader, tonight with us is a teenaged girl, related to our very first interviewee! She — and her author — are here to tell us about secret societies, infernal realms, monsters and monarchs.

A portal opens and a man steps out. He sits down at a table, resting his notebook and pen down on the table. A little girl wearing roman-esque attire sits in front of them as they both sit down inside of a large tent

Interviewer: Hi, so you must be Keisha. How are you? I’m just going to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. Can you…

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

Hi! Thanks for having me. Yes, my name’s Keisha Alighieri, um, I never been in an interview before so I might stumble a bit. So, I guess I should start with how old I am? I’m fifteen now. I just had a birthday in the Inferno—that’s another world via portal, it’s kind of like Earth—my Papá is originally from there, but I was born in Atlanta. It’s kind of a long story, haha. I liked it okay, especially, when me and mamma go out city-shopping or go to the movies.

Didn’t really like school too much, sometimes it can be a bit challenging for me—and there are some mean bullies—but when I do get something, it’s pretty fun.

Ooh, there’s been a convention in the city one time for The Heroes Society – they’re this really cool super hero group and Scarlett Hero is my favorite! I really want her weapon (haha, spoiler I kind of get my own through my adventures… but I still want her scepter cause it’s pretty awesome).

Interviewer: That is pretty awesome. So you like super heroes? Cool. I’m a big fan of history, mystery, and throw in some fantasy. I think I might have to check out the Heroes Society with my family one day *laughs* Alright, next question….

Did you have any favourite toys as a child? Any cherished memories?

Mmmm…I have a stuffed doggy back home, does that count? Cause Action Figures are not toys. I have a lot of stuff about the Heroes Society; there’s some action figures, the book bags, and I have an Insider Book about the Society. My wall has a bunch of posters of different anime and RPGs I play too! Wait, um… where were we going…Oh, yeah, sorry I get side tracked sometimes.

I got plenty memories about my family. Especially with my Papá, Dante, he’s the one who taught me how to play chess and I know several different languages. It was kind of hard at first, but he made it into a real fun game. The day that is my best memory was when I was twelve and we all sat down and opened presents on Christmas and we had this really big turkey. There was so much food and gifts, we played a bunch of games staying up past my bedtime. I know it seems like it’s not a big memory, but… it was around the last time I saw him before he disappeared (he actually was taken back to the Inferno when his friend wanted him to stop a mysterious entity known as the Anomaly. We’re trying to stop it too).

Interviewer: Well, I hope you find your Papá too. Also, well point taken about action figures. If you’re ready for the next question…

What do you do now?

Oh! I’m a Legacy (like the title, see!) That’s like a Hunter that protects the people of the Inferno (the Natura Borne) from Demi (like a Supernatural) that attack or go through portals to the human world, so Legacy’s (or the adult term after your 18 is Shikari) capture them. I don’t do that though cause I think it’s pretty wrong to bind a Demi and make them do your bidding and stuff. It’s not the kind of Legacy I wanna be (though I’ve made mistakes, I’m trying to get over now. It’s hard, but I got some really good friends by my side). Besides, there’s a lot of Demi that are misunderstood and they’re the ones who are terrorized. Like, sure, Leo and Scav tried to attack me, but it worked out in the end! Ooh, and Cerberus, he’s pretty cool—oh, wait, I think I’m saying too much, but yeah, there’s some good Demi’s out there. Like my best-friend Celra, she’s a She-Wolf and she’s pretty dang awesome. She gives the best cheek-nuzzles!

Interviewer: Okay, so I’m kind of curious cause The Inferno Verse sounds pretty interesting…

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

Uhhh… Not sure if T.R. Tells wants me to say much, buuuutttt…. What I can say is that there’s this prophecy and it has us traveling all around the Inferno. There’s the Illicit—I’ve met some really cool and kind of scary people—Perdito…erm, I can’t say too much, but there are some really special people I can’t wait for you to meet soon, and NOW we’re actually on our way to Paradigm. I kind of have to get this… thing… that’s really bad news before the… uh, bad guy gets it first. Hmm… this is waaay harder than I thought it would be and I don’t want to get in trouble, I’m sorry!

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