Jason Komito - SapphyreDear readers, tonight with me is a young woman, who recently found out that she has latent magical abilities. Accompanied by a mysterious gentlemen and following an ancient prophecy, Sapphyre goes out to face the world.


What can you tell us of the streets you grew up on?

Thorenn has not changed much in the past 17 winters, I don’t believe. Oh, yes, please pardon me. I forget that most of the people who are reading this have never been to Arstevia. The capital lays on the east coast of the continent and is the largest city in the land. It is also the largest port on the eastern seaboard and it is a few weeks ride south of the Myth Mountains on the finest of steeds.

Even though I spent my first few winters living on the streets of the city and begging and stealing to get my fill, I do have some good memories of my childhood. I never knew my parents and the first time I ever felt any feeling of family was when I met Kat and joined the Pugs.

I’m sorry I get a little choked up when talking about Katrivus. He is my dearest friend and we are still trying to figure out a way to rescue him.

But I digress. We were speaking of my youth. The city is divided into districts and the Emerald Center is home to all the shops and is bustling with activity during the day light hours. But at night, it is deserted and quiet. I used to sneak up to the rooftop of one of the shops and look into the Royal Compound with all the lights and stare up at the stars with no trees to hinder my view. It was up there when Kat approached me for the first time and asked me to join the Pugs.

The Guild of Slight runs Skid Way which is the district with all the whorehouses and taverns and if you want to borrow any kendra, that is the place to go. I spent much of my younger days sleeping on the streets of Skid Way. It was not uncommon to see orphans dotting the ground in the Way. After I joined the Pugs, we lived in the basement of a tavern there.

When Kat decided to buy a ship and attempt at trade with the Barbarians of the North, everything changed. The Pugs bought a house in Dock Bay which is just as it sounds- where the ships port and there is cheaper housing due to the stench of the water. But you get used to it. Katrivus wanted to make sure not to infringe on the Guild of Slight’s territory, hence setting up shop at the docks instead of Skid Way. We also kept out of loan sharking as that is the Slight’s largest source of revenue.

I’m sorry, I rambled a bit. What is the next question?

What did it feel like when you had that first vision of your parents?

Oh, ok. Wow, it has been a long time since I have put thought to that memory. That was before I started slinging drinks at the Dragon’s Flagon and before I met Ashcon and Skken. I was so naïve to the world back then. I didn’t even know what a runestar was!

Again, I digress. It was during the festival of StarSight which takes place once every nine winters in Thorenn. It was my first festival as I was only fourteen winters old at the time and if I was in Thorenn when I was five winters, I don’t recall it.

I was wondering around the festival looking at all the magic users emanating auras covering all the colors of the rainbow. This was a few winters after a learned of my ability to detect magic and both sense and see the auras. I happened upon a carriage with an elderly woman upon it.  The carriage was decorated with feathers and had a cover. She took my hands and I closed my eyes and that is when the vision started.

I saw both my father and my mother and knew immediately who they were though I have never seen them in the flesh. My father looked incredibly handsome and his eyes held the knowledge of the world within them. That is how I described it then, and now many winters later I know why.

The first time you see my mother, you are drawn immediately to the dark blue streak running through her blonde hair and her striking blue eyes. I guess that is what most people see when they see me for the first time now. I almost forget because for the first thirteen winters of my life I had dark hair and brown eyes. It was immediately after the vision that day that my appearance changed to what you see today.

You asked about my feelings and all I can say is I had an overwhelming sense of affection and outpouring of love during the vision. I knew they love me beyond measure and now I am privy to much more knowledge since the visit to Sorenthor and the knowledge he bestowed upon me.

What do Aschon’s runes really look like in person?  Do you feel anything when he activates them?

Well, if most people saw Aschon’s runes they would probably describe them as elaborate tattoos, although most people will never see them. A runestar has these elaborate designs all over his body that are invisible to all but the most gifted of magic users, and of course, his seeker and true guardian. When I first met Ashcon I was but a serving girl in a tavern and he was cheating at dice. Each time he threw the dice I saw what I thought at the time was a tattoo of a cat’s eye on his neck that glowed yellow. I didn’t think much of it until I realized that no one else saw it. He explained to me later that it was his luck rune, although I still refer to it as his cheating rune. When I told Lymer the story the little gnome wizard almost barreled over in laughter, although it doesn’t take much to get him to break a smile.

But as far as Ashcon’s runes and whether I feel anything when he activates them is an interesting question. The only reason I can see and detect Ashcon’s runes is because I have significant magical ability, but of course I didn’t know this at the time. Since I have joined Ashcon and Skken on our quest I have had the opportunity to see Ashcon use many different runes. When we were attacked by a warlock aboard the Mermaid’s Tale on our way to the Barbarian Lands of the North, Ashcon struck at the warlock with bolts of ice and I could see the ice rune brightly as he attacked. I don’t think I feel anything different when he activates his runes than when anyone uses magic around me. When Lymer calls upon his power over water I can sense him using magic and that feeling is the same as when Ashcon activates his runes. So I guess the answer is that I can feel when he activates them but the feeling is akin to any magic user who works his craft around me.

Do you have any other magical abilities?

That is an interesting question because I am still learning much about my innate magic and I know I have much to learn. The first time I became aware of any ability was when I realized I could detect magic auras and that was when I was a young thief, as I mentioned earlier. When Ashcon asked me to join he and Skken and journey to Sorenthor’s Library, in part to find out about my heritage, I jumped at the chance. Along the way I came to realize I have an innate drawing towards the healing arts and am quite proficient even without any training. When we arrived at Sorenthor’s Library with an unconscious Katrivus in tow suspended in a healing sphere, he was shocked to find out it was me who held him so.

After Sorenthor recognized me and showed me the second vision of my parents, I realize that there is much about my magic I have yet to learn. My father and mother both had abilities that have been passed on to me and it will probably be a lifelong journey of learning to master it all.

And of course there is the magic that is ingrained in my demon bane, Frostripper, but that is a tale of another day. We are travelling to the Wizards Consortium as we speak to learn more of the magnificent dagger.

What does the future hold for you?

Right now my focus is on rescuing Katrivus, and Ashcon, Skken, Lymer, Talon, and myself have left the confines of Sorenthor’s Library to focus on that. We are travelling to the home of the Dwarves of the Myth Mountains to go through their records and see what we can find out about the demon realm where Katrivus’ soul is being held captive.

As we speak, Aschon’s twin brother Drak’thonn is preparing an invasion of the Kingdom of Martel with his orc and dreggan army. The High Priestess, Ka’alshene, has warned the kingdom and they are mustering their forces to repel the attack. Right now she is trying to garner the support of the Dwarves of the Myth Mountains, but we won’t know how she fares until we arrive at their mountain home.

After we rescue my dearest friend, we will then focus on Drak’thonn and his bride Selentha. They are vessels of the Zagador, the Dark Gods, and will stop at nothing to plunge the world into Eternal Night.

So my future is filled with uncertainty and danger, but I have Talon, and my other friends beside me and we will do what we must do to keep the world safe from the followers of the Zagador. I am told I am destined for greatness, but that is for others to decide and if so, tell the tale.

Jason Komito grew up in NYC, and now resides in Hollywood, California. An avid reader for over twenty-five years, a week doesn’t slip by without Jason burning through at least two books – in particular fantasy and thrillers. You can find Sapphyre on the pages of her eponymous novel, or off the tweets of Jason.

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