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Dear readers, tonight with us on the interview couch is a brave man who fought several werewolves – and has the scars to prove it.

Tell us about where you grew up. Did you have a favorite toy, a favorite memory?

Crystal and I moved to Wolfcreek right after I graduated the police academy. I don’t call anywhere home because we moved around a lot. My favorite memory was graduation. For Crystal and I it meant the beginning of a whole new life—a life we controlled. So we packed up and took off and ended up in Wolfcreek.

How does one become a werewolf? What are the popular culture myths that are just not true?

I didn’t even believe in these things until the murders in Wolfcreek started. We were only finding parts of people at times. If we did find a body it looked like an animal feasted on it. The bodies were torn open and much of the entrails were missing.

Since my attack I’ve learned quite a bit about werewolves. For one, they don’t need the full moon to turn. Only a newborn pup (or newly bitten, like myself) need the moon’s pull for the first change. Werewolves are not mindless monsters either. I control my wolfish side. The wolf is part of me now and I can call it out anytime I want.

What was the scariest point of your adventures?

My first change was the worst. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s not like you get a manual to refer to. As the first full moon since my attack neared I built an iron cage in my basement. I did everything I could to convince my twin sister, Crystal, to leave the house but she refused. So for my first turn she waited with my pistol and silver bullets.

How did it feel when you reached your lifelong dream of visiting Alaska, only to discover you were the hunted?

I was so excited to finally be going to Alaska for a big game hunt. My life was starting to turn around. My wolf in check and Wolfcreek was quiet. I’m a deputy sheriff and was in on the majority of the killings when we all learned werewolves are very real. When I figured out what Froghair Fine Outfitters had in store for me I was furious. I mean, if they had the balls to hunt me I wasn’t going to make it easy.

What does the future hold for you? Any romantic plans?

The way my life is now, I’m not certain. I enjoyed the killing I did in Alaska. I’ll admit it felt good ripping those men apart. It’s an incredible feeling of power. Right now I’m just looking forward to getting back into my routine. As for romance, first I gotta find a lady.

What does your ideal vacation looks like? I’m thinking a hunting trip to Africa might be the next thing. Despite everything that happened in Alaska I would like to go back.


Mercedes Fox is an author of werewolves novels, with a speciality in scary and gory. She currently reside in Colorado, USA with her husband and sweet puppies (none of whom change with the full moon). You can find Ted Applegate on the pages of Vengeance of the Werewolf and Poaching the Immortal.

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