Erin Chase - Behind Palace Walls Book coverDear readers, tonight with us is a woman elevated to the highest order – the Pharaoh’s own court, and then rudely ejected by rivals within. She is here to tell us about life in Ancient Egypt.



What were your first few days in the palace’s harem like?

My first few days in the palace’s harem were very overwhelming! It is the complete opposite of a peasant’s life. I mean the food… goodness! Succulent duck and quail, honey drizzled on everything, fragrant wine, and the sweetmeats… oh the sweetmeats!

Sorry, what was the question again? Oh right, my introduction to the concubine lifestyle. Well on the plus side, I met my great friend Serera in the harem, as well as Manon, the Keeper of the Harem. I loved lounging by the water, playing Senet or Dogs and Jackals, and sharing my intimate secrets with Serera.

However, when it came to dealing with a couple of the other, more established concubines, life was tough! Senra and her partner in crime from the Far East, Tokahiru, sure knew how to make my life a living hell.

Do you see a future for yourself and Ramses?

Do I see myself with Pharaoh Ramses? A better question is, “Do I see myself with his son, Prince Ramose?” Now he is a catch – heir to the throne, a sturdy, muscular build, and gorgeous dark brown eyes. However, it’s his kind demeanor that really got me. Unfortunately, as I belong to Pharaoh Ramses, I am destined to be the king’s “property” until he dies or releases me from his service.

How did you feel when the stall keeper gave you the warning?

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. She beckoned me to come close; the stench of death hung on her breath. The stall keeper said, “Sheshamun, daughter of Hury and Nefra, you are venturing into great danger. Beware of those with the same blood, as all is not what it appears to be. Heed my warning and take solace in those pure of heart, or you will certainly bring forth your own demise.”

That warning has haunted me every day. I finally figured out what that wicked old woman meant, but that does not lessen the torture and agony I went through trying to decipher it.

What did you first think when you saw Mira, the Pharaoh’s wife?

When I first saw Queen Mira I was awestruck. She is an exquisite beauty, which her son surely gets his looks from. Mira quickly became a very close friend and confidant of mine. She knows how to maintain decorum, is a champion of the underdogs, like myself, and truly wants what is best for Egypt.

Tell us about where you grew up.

I grew up in a little village along the Nile, called Herwer. I was the only child in my family. I was adopted by parents when I was a baby – I had been discarded behind one of the market’s outer stalls, but luckily Nefra, my mother, found me.

I didn’t have much for possessions when I was growing up, but it didn’t bother me. I had two amazing friends, Nubi and Hela. We used to adventure up and down the Nile and chase each other for hours. Those were the simpler times that I would often reflect upon when locked up in the slave camp. The “slave camp” you ask? That’s a tale for another time…

Erin Chase grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, where she still lives. Erin began writing at an early age, and even though they were simply silly poems or school requirements, she loved it! This passion continued into adulthood, when she decided to try her hand at writing full novels. Behind Palace Walls is her debut novel, and took several years to write and perfect. Since it’s an historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt, Erin knew she must go to Egypt and explore the pyramids, temples, and lay of the land for herself. She was able to tour the country for 12 days in 2010, before the Arab Spring. You can find Sheshamun on the pages of Behind Palace Walls

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