Dear readers, tonight with me are two enchanting characters out of the Regency era. Captain Boone would like nothing more than to – legally – plunder the seas. When he finds himself made a viscount, his friends and family insist he needs a wife.

Katherine Ashe wants only to help her sister, who’s caught in an unpleasant predicament. When marriage to Boone seems to be the only solution, she takes the opportunity to have her own household, escaping her overbearing aunt’s house once and for all and helping her sister in the bargain.

But before their convenient marriage can settle in, there’s a flight to Scotland to arrange; a budding sorceress to soothe—and oh, yes—a baby. 

They are here to tell us about their somewhat chaotic lives.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

Jack: I spent the bulk of my formative years as a ward of the Duke of Edgebourne, a distant relation. His Grace took me in when my parents died at sea, and the entire Edgebourne family welcomed me. The Duke did his best to give me a proper education, but I’m afraid I was far more interested in when I might be able to get my own ship.

Kate: I grew up on my grandfather’s estate. He was the Earl of Ashewell. I helped him manage his estates for years. Unfortunately, my family has had a string of sad occasions, I’m afraid, and so the earldom passed to a distant cousin recently.

What are your fondest memories of your childhood?

Jack: Running rampant over the estate with Lords Westfield and Kilgoran, my two closest friends. I’m afraid we terrorized virtually everybody.

Kate: You still do.

Jack: We’re practically tame now.

Kate: That’s not what I heard after Lady Mountmatten’s ball.

What’s the difference between your new life and your old one? What new responsibilities do you have?

Jack: Somebody – I’m not sure who yet, but I intend to find out – has schemed to put me in a very unpleasant position.

Kate: Jack. Becoming a viscount is not the end of the world.

Jack: A title? It might as well be. I’m the lord of the sea!

Kate: That’s a bit much, isn’t it?

Jack: I think it’s accurate.

Kate: He owns an estate in Cornwall now, with some successful agricultural ventures. In fact, there’s some quite interesting new irrigation–

Jack: Please stop.

What did you first think when you met each other?

Jack: Well, I’m a fan of tall women, so…

Kate: Jack.

Jack: Sorry. I mean, I was compelled to fulfill my noble duty to protect a damsel in distress-

Kate: Jack!

Jack: Well, what did you think?

Kate: (blushing) Well, I, er…

Jack: You thought I was the lord of the sea, didn’t you. You were right.

Kate: (rolling her eyes) I thought I was very lucky that you were there in my family’s time of need. How’s that?

Jack: Needs more description of how handsome and daring you thought I was.

What does the future hold for the two of you?

Kate: Between managing the estate and the upcoming social engagements that marrying into the Edgebourne family entail, I’m sure we’ll be very busy. I’m hoping to find time to see my sister. And Jack will be using his weather magic in some new ways, I think.

Jack: Yes, I- Wait. What social engagements?

Kate: You have three foster sisters and at least one cousin yet to be brought out, Jack. There will be balls. Many, many balls.

Jack: (groans)

You’re both a ship captain and a viscount now; how do you balance the two roles?

Jack: I married well.

Kate: Never underestimate the value of a good list when you need to stay organized.

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

Jack: Did you know…. tall women can—

Kate: JACK. NO.

Jack: Ow.

Kate: Most of the secrets I know aren’t mine to tell, I’m afraid. But I can’t resist wanting to know more about a few things. There’s definitely something my sister isn’t telling me. And I suspect Her Grace the Duchess of Edgebourne has a great deal left to say about many things.

Jack: If she ever sends you a note, open it right away. Before it starts to glow.

Kate: (nods) Sage advice.

Jamaila Brinkley writes historical fantasy romps with plenty of romance. Her Wizards of London series features thieves, duchesses, witches, and more indulging in mayhem and romance in Regency England. Jamaila lives outside Baltimore, Maryland in a house that is perpetually under renovation with her husband and twin toddlers. You can find her blogging about romance, writing, parenting, cooking, and more on her website at, and posting pictures of her lunch on Twitter as @jamaila.

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