Dear readers, tonight with us is a high-ranking government official, talking about political coups and machinations.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

My name is George Henry Whitfield and I have lived in the suburbs of Waldovia my entire life. I had a happy and typical enough childhood for those fortunate enough to be in the upper class, being blessed to have two parents who gave us a proper upbringing.

Did you have any favourite toys as a child? Any cherished memories?

My cherished memories would have to be before my brother, Gregory, and I had the relationship we’ve had for most of our adult lives, as a matter of politics. I’ve always been guided by my ambition and political aspirations, while he’s only ever seen our system as corrupt, and unfortunately rightfully so. I do miss the days when we didn’t cause our parents, who are no longer living, so much emotional anguish, our mother especially.

What do you do now?

To the public, I am the Deputy Director of the Department of Security and Action. I haven’t been a free man even before being forced to take on this role, which was billed as a ‘promotion’ but which has only ever been a punishment. Before then I enjoyed being a chief of staff, a senator, and then the director of the Department of Ethics.

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

It certainly was an adventure to put into place a plan, thanks to my brother, actually, to save my son, Danny, by taking his place in getting arrested for his suspected role in a coup against our government. It amazes me not only how I thought it up so quickly, but that I got back in touch with my brother to do soI didn’t even have the time to fully process what I was giving up, though I’ll defend this decision with my dying breath.

What did you first think when you found out about Danny?

When I first found out that my son, Danny, was involved in planning a future coup, my heart sank. This was not merely because my son was working against me I felt it was sadly representative of the imperfect relationship I had had with my son over the years. I was most of all scared though and a little bit angry as to how he could have done this, to put himself in danger in such a way.

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

I was truly afraid of losing my son, that he would be taken from us, whether as a result of him running away, being imprisoned, or even killed. Regardless, I worried he would be taken from me before I had enough time with him.

It was terrifying to lose my family in more ways than one, and for a time, Adam, a dear friend of our family. Some of these ways are too tragic to speak of.

What is the worst thing about…?

I knowingly made sacrifices. It could never be not categorized as that. Still, the pain is often more than I can bear when it comes to being away from my wife and my children, and possibly for forever, all of them.

What is the best thing about it?

I know those members of my family who are no longer with us in this life, are in a better place in the arms of God. At the end of the day, I do have to accept the choice that I made, to be a sacrifice for the sake of my family, and one which is ultimately well worth it.

Tell us a little about your friends.

Harry Maier and Karl Bradford and I  were the closest friends anyone could ever hope to have, since our university days.

Harry always had a problem with alcohol and depression. His reckless behaviors meant he was never promoted, though I do believe he deserved a chance. His life improved, somewhat, when he married Leah and they had a son together, Adam. Towards the end of his life, though, Harry took out his troubles on his son, abusing Adam terribly, a fact I didn’t realize until it was too late. Ultimately, Harry killed his wife and then himself.

Karl has always been intelligent and successful, in his job that is, which now involves a role as the Director of the Department of the Treasury. He has a wife, Sarah, and children, Jack and Emma. It is an open secret that many high up officials engage in affairs. Yet Karl has this terrible habit of being far too indiscreet with the young secretaries he sleeps with.

Any romantic involvement?

My dear wife, Maria, has been supportive of and stuck by me, whatever my endeavors. She is not only the mother of my children, but the woman I have ever loved, or made love to. Our romantic involvement has been complex from the start, to put it politely. Though my brother and I have both been in love with her, and I suspect we both are to this day, I try to take comfort in how Maria chose me as the man to marry, to raise children together with, and to stay with.

Whom (or what) do you really hate?

I cannot help but hate this man, Director Edward Roth of Security and Action, who forced me to become his deputy. I truly believe he had a hand in Harry’s death by ordering me to fire him and never treating him with the respect he deserved; it was Harry who actually wanted and deserved my position. Edward has not only taken my friend from me, but my freedom, but my children. It is not merely me and my family whom Edward has mistreated; far from it. I do believe that the man is sadist, in a variety of ways, towards multiple people, abusing and mistreating almost every person I currently hold dear.

What’s your favourite drink, colour, and relaxing pastime?

Currently, Adam brings me great comfort, and I am hopeful that planning the engagement and wedding of him and my daughter, Cassandra, will bring a sense of normalcy. That being said, I cannot help but have a broken heart over how Adam has been looked down upon, with how the Maier family was regarded, as a matter of class. We can only pray for ourselves and my family, which, God willing, Adam will soon officially be a part of.

Forgive me for sounding so bitter. Any and all otherwise pleasant memories seem so distant, like a dream which you forget as time goes by.

What does the future hold for you?

The future is completely uncertain. I can only trust in God’s plan. Though I try not to think of myself, I do hope and pray on a daily basis to be able to see my wife and children again.

I’ll admit, I still somehow hope to have greater political aspirations. Maybe it’s just a foolish fantasy to help me get through. I still hope to run for and be elected as president someday, not merely for personal gain, but to help the people of this country which can truly be great. It was something Harry and Adam always wanted me to do, and I hope to honor them.

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

It has more or less been an open secret about my wife’s one-time infidelity, with my brother, which took place days before our wedding day, so technically before she became my wife. The actually secret is that I’m more upset than I let on. I know that Gregory loves my wife, that she deeply loved him once; it’s possible she still does. She maintains she chose me as her husband and the man she has had and will raise children with. I nevertheless during our marriage have wondered if she would take our children and leave me, especially with the familial tensions due to my political career. I can only hope she loves me half as much as I love her.

Rebecca Rose is a native of Long Island, living in the Washington, DC area. She has been writing creative stories since she was in Pre-K and came up with the idea of Love, Politics, and Survival when she was 14. She graduated with a Master’s degree in American Government from Regent University School of Government. She is a fan of politics, movies, and the Washington Nationals.

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