Dear readers, tonight we print an overheard conversation between a human protagonist and a millennium-old cephalopod, discussing vampires, aliens, and alien vampires.

Phil, standing on a floor made of water, watched as the atmosphere cracked in front of him. Watched as the crack raced to the right and left. Behind the barrier water tumbled into the space from far away and high above, racing towards the barrier, and rising high overhead, ten feet above him. It was when the water settled to a calm flow that he saw the famed giant cephalopod, Artemis. His tentacles pushing through the water to the barrier between him and Phil. His eyes, large and round and bright white with a black dot for pupils, watched Phil with a stare Phil assumed was both suspicious and intrigued. Phil understood he had to come, but the why behind the reason he was never told. His hands, clenched into fists, shook by his side. He had more dire circumstances to tend to, and this meeting boiled his blood. Having to take part in an interview with Artemis was a waste of time and time was not on his side.

Artemis floated in the water, assessing, scrutinizing, and scanning Phil. When he spoke, his voice was carried across the water and echoed through the chamber where Phil stood, garbled and liquidly was his voice.

Artemis: Did Robyn tell you why I’ve requested your presence?

Phil: Robyn speaks in riddles, so no. (He paused, watching Artemis and how his lips curled into his mouth. Phil cleared his throat). But I assume it’s because of the glimmer and the change in the Akashic record. Robyn is quite disturbed by this change. Do you know who caused it?

Artemis: I have my suspicions. (He pushed forward, closer to the barrier as if the closer proximity would allow him to stare into Phil’s thoughts). Perhaps you already know.

Phil (with a slow shake of his head, his mouth agape): I… I have no idea who changed the record.

Artemis (pushing back, his tentacles flapping in the water): Let us see your mind then. Allow your thoughts to go free. I see you’ve blocked your thoughts from telepathy. Release the barrier. If you are innocent as you as claim than allow me entrance. (His tentacles pointed to Phil’s right). Project your thoughts to the wall. I want to see the past through your eyes. Show us your youth. Where you were born. How you were raised.

Phil (Staring at the ground, gritting his teeth. He turned to the wall, watching as the liquid barrier changed, projecting his thoughts on the watery screen. Saw his birth and the vampires surrounding him and his mother): I was born on an island. Born into slavery.  My mother the same and hundreds of others. Forced to endure, to work in the mines searching for minerals and gold. Forced into bondage, slaves provided for torture. Both Drac and human alike indulged in the desecration of children. Forced to reproduce to maintain their slave numbers. My mother was a beacon of hope during my time there. Unfortunately, she was murdered by the Drac vampires before I was rescued by Robyn.

Artemis: How did he know to rescue you? And after, what did Robyn teach you? What was living like?

Phil: I don’t know how Robyn was able to rescue me. You’d have to ask him. All I know is, I kept my eyes focused on the light, just like my mom had told me. And then he appeared. Took me to the underground where I was raised by him and away from normal society. It wasn’t until I was eight years old that I discovered the human population living above ground. Saw something called a television and on that television were two humans I had seen on numerous occasions on the island. But there on the island they would pat each other on the back, as if they were best friends. But on that television, those same two men were pretending to be enemies. Robyn had said they did so to create confusion and division among the people. A needed commodity for the elite to keep their stranglehold over the population.

(He stepped closer to the wall, watching himself as a child, being trained by Robyn). From what I was told, my education was very different than most other humans. With knowledge and training within science of mind concepts, telepathy, telekinesis, quantum mechanics and alchemy. Including a comprehensive history of our species and our planet, Earth, untold to the humans above ground. I was taught the power of energy, frequency, and vibration. How the universe is a recycling pattern of energy and how the dominant frequency within that vibration slithers into the consciousness of all who live within its vibrational hold. That the balance between the vibrations rages on, and how we, Robyn’s people, were the keepers of that balance. Should the scales tip to far in one favor, the universe can be destroyed faster than the speed of thought. We fight to keep the balance, with the understanding that in order for the universe to evolve peacefully the correct mix of these two polar opposite vibrations are required, with the light capturing the dark in its embrace and not the opposite. Because dark energy has no restraint, it only wishes to consume and that consumption can lead to total annihilation. But perhaps that is what the darkness desires, to destroy the light and remake the universe into darkness.

We lived peacefully and in quiet solitude, except when Robyn called on us for special missions. It was then that he taught me the sacred martial arts of Kobudo Tonfa, fighting with the blades, and the power behind the rose manipulation offering the ability to change chemistry with a thought, move objects with my mind, and suspend gravity. The rose is an all-powerful resource if used and wielded properly.

Artemis: Do you fight the Dracs, those alien vampires who subjected you and your mother to slavery, for revenge?

Phil (clenching his fists): My personal experience with the Dracs does not drive me to fight.

Artemis (moving back with ferocity, his eyes wide, his voice booming across the atmosphere): And yet you are still human. Your hands are shaking, trembling by your side and clenched into fists. The worthy do not seek revenge. They understand how vengeful energy returns to them tenfold.

Phil: I fight because the Dracs wish for my species to perish into the void of the universe. To corrupt our minds and steal our hearts. Turn us into slaves so they can capture our planet. I fight for our evolution. For our survival.

Artemis (his tentacle over his chin, thinking. His eyes staring through Phil, assessing, scrutinizing): Tell me about your most recent mission? What are your thoughts about the events that took place in VG211, the underground medical compound? Considering you’re one of the few who survived, how do you account for what took place there?

Phil: It happened as it was meant to happen. Whatever the reason is, I do not know, those things are not in my control. But let’s just put it this way, it was one hell of a battle, from the very beginning when Sandy was captured in that run down motel. Robyn’s prediction was spot on; he read the record like he was reading from a well written script, knowing everything that was about to happen.

(Phil watches his memories on the water wall.)

Robyn tasked my crew and I for a search and rescue mission. He hasn’t revealed to me Sandy’s importance in future events but I think it has something to do with her child, but I could be wrong. Sandy was living in a WW3 safety camp with her husband Ben at the time, with little knowledge to the war waging on the homeland. But we knew what was coming, Robyn too of course. Those safety camps were being turned into reprogramming camps once the treaty was signed. Little did everyone in the camps know that that was their plan all along and the purpose of the war was for population control, to weed out all who opposed the war and the evil alliance between the elite humans, the Dracs and the greys. Namely myself, and Robyn with his underground rebellion. Other than us, everyday humans are not aware that aliens exist. They’ve managed to remain in the shadows for millenniums. Another purpose of the war was to illicit fear among the survivors. Pound them into submission. Weaken their hearts, their resolve, and their passion to fight. Makes for easier slaves.

I lost my entire crew during the mission; lost Sandy’s husband Ben too. But Sandy and I made it out. (Head shaking) My mission was to escort Sandy to Atlanta. To meet with Robyn. We were only going to be in the motel for one night. We needed rest is all. How could I have known that on that same day, the compound outside the motel would be turned into a reprogramming camp? I was never aware of the underground medical compound in that area. I’ve been all around planet Earth and never once was I informed about VG211. And Robyn never mentioned it. Quite serendipitous if you think about it, as if what happened was meant to happen.

Anyway, I entered the compound to find her, and ran into a host of twists and turns. Between the werewolves and vampires, the giant alien crickets that pump acid into the body to soften the bones and innards before they suck em back up as food, and all the genetic manipulation their human captives were subjected to, there were enemies around every corner. And let’s not forget the telekinetic greys tearing flesh off their victim’s bones with a single thought. I’m lucky I made it out alive. But that was my mission, and I’d give my life for its success.

Artemis (after a long pause where Phil could see his jaw clenched, his brow furrowed): What did you first think when you entered Drac City in Hollow Earth? What did you think of their species and how they live?

Phil: I think they are very much like us with systems and sub-systems holding different beliefs and ways of living. Yes they are vampires, but they are aliens first. From what I’ve learned their people have endured subjugation and many of them do not agree with the powers that control their lives. But their leaders are corrupt, much like our own, always looking to maintain their hold over their own people. They can be a peaceful species if given the chance. But they are on my planet and have been spreading tyranny for centuries. Their leaders are under the thumb of the Draconians, which makes them the most formidable adversary in the universe. They need to go. They’re uninvited guests and need to leave this planet so we can evolve as a species and earn our place in the universe.

Artemis: What do you fear? And what brings hate into your heart?

Phil (turning to Artemis as his thought projection faded. Artemis looked over his shoulder, watching Phil’s thoughts disappear. Artemis turned those wide suspicious eyes towards Phil, his tentacles flapping in the water. Phil went to speak, the words caught in his throat. He turned away from Artemis and his scrutinizing stare)

Artemis: SPEAK! (His tentacles flapping in the water, his face pinched in anger. His voice booming across the landscape with a liquidly echo.)

Phil (turning to meet Artemis’ stare. He could see within the barrier, the reflection of his thoughts projected on the wall behind him. He maintained his stare on Artemis, away from the reflection.): My mother was tortured and murdered by alien vampires and human alike. Our species has been secretly subjugated for millenniums without their knowledge. Vampires hunt, desecrate and manipulate our species. Elite humans sold us out for power. And then there are the greys, with their telekinetic skull splitting and telepathic torture. The evil trinity has brought humanity to its knees, and we haven’t had a fighting chance because of the manipulation. You can’t fight an enemy when you aren’t aware they even exist. The old adage is true, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” They wrote history to their benefit and blocked us from knowing the full truth about our species. Brain washed the greater population and have had us all clawing at each others throats for a piece of what they have, knowing the whole time they’d never so much as give us a kind word let alone share what they’ve earned. Is there hate in my heart? Yes, I admit there is. And the devil has the face of alien vampires, greys and human alike. But a peaceful soul can grow through hate. Seek to understand it and its impact and initiate the necessary tools to overcome that hate, through understanding the cause and what the effect would be if indulged. (Head shaking, slowly back and forth) I do not take hate with me on my journeys. Hate brings all you fear to the table and jams it down your throat. And what I fear the most is the suffering of my wife and daughter as a result of my actions.

Artemis: What is the worst thing about your missions?

Phil: Loneliness. Being away from my family. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only living creature in the universe, staring into the void of eternity and never truly knowing if your actions make a difference to the greater picture.

Artemis: And the best?

Phil: Knowing that I fight for our species. Even if most of them are unaware of the sacrifices Robyn’s people have made over the centuries, millenniums in Robyn’s case. It’s not their fault that they were born under the dark veil. They have been slaves to mind control, subjected to manipulation for more than two thousand years. It feels good to fight for those cerebral shackles to be removed.

Artemis: And when you’re not on a mission, what is it that you do? How do you spend your time?

Phil: I read books. All kinds of books. Science, fiction, philosophy. In order to truly and fully understand the minds of the people, read their literature. I also train, of course, spend days in meditative contemplation, and spend time with the people I hold dear to my heart.

Artemis: And your friends? Who do you surround yourself with?

Phil: My crew were my friends. Great friends too. (Shaking his head as the water wall projected his rescue mission and the loss of his crew, a red film stained the memory) My wife is my best friend; she was born on the island too. Robyn Winter is my mentor. But I’ve had the privilege of meeting some new friends when I was on VG211. Both are soldiers in the American Army and neither was aware of the elite’s conspiracy with the Dracs and greys. Cameron discovered that alien vampires exist the hard way. He’s a show stealer. Did some amazing things on VG211. Corporal Grimes too, although I think the werewolves scared the hell out of him.

Artemis: What does the future hold for you? And tell me about the rose and your ability to use this super power. What prevents you from wielding this great power to your full capability? Do you believe you’ll have the full control of the rose in the future?

Phil: The future has already been written. My fate is contained within the Akashic Record. Problem is with the glimmer. As we both know, someone is manipulating the record in real time, changing the future by manipulating the present. What the future holds I cannot be sure. We are in unchartered territory, although I am confident in Robyn’s ability to adjust as needed. He alone has endured this war longer than any human in existence. His entire life has come down to this moment.

As for the power of the rose meditation, my training has been just and I’ve been able to wield the power with general ease, consistency, and strength… (Head bowed, thinking as the water wall changed to Phil in the hallway of the motel, where his rose manipulation hit a wall. Something beneath the surface, a power not controlled but completely wielded through destructive hate. Looked at Artemis, whose apt focus revealed his rapidly beating heart as if Phi’s answer meant everything.)

Artemis: And? (His voice booming across the atmosphere, shaking the walls around Phil.)

Phil: There’s a point in the meditation where I lose control. It’s like a tap, a vibration that brings total chaos that I fear I cannot control. And if I can’t control it… I fear total annihilation.

Artemis (somber and contemplative): Only love can stop hate and fear. Remain in the light young one. Should you proceed in fear and hate you will manifest the same. Seek the light, Phil. It has brought you only good. Stay the course, and you will find the light. Will you share a secret with me? Something you’ve never told anyone else?

Phil: When I was in the stranglehold of death, I felt something. A rose vibration and frequency with immense power. A portal through which all in the universe can find change. A way to displace time and energy with the opportunity to change time. The person who holds this power in the palm of their hand has the ability to change all that exists. It can destroy all we know if not used with caution or by those who are pure at heart.

Artemis: And how is this power achieved?

Phil (blinking and staring through Artemis): It is only in death that we can receive such power.

Artemis: You’ve done well young one. I will provide a detailed report to Robyn. (He paused, the moment so quiet and reserved and Phil could feel how Artemis’ heart sank as Phil bowed his head, removing his stare from Artemis).

When he looked up Artemis was floating away, disappearing, gone. The barrier between Phil and the water separated spilling water into Phil’s room. Water that captured him in its embrace forcing him from the platform. He swam towards his ship that was now below water. Made his way into the ship and powered it up, driving through the water to meet with Robyn before his next mission. Those alien vampires were waiting for him.

PD Alleva writes books. Whether those books are a Sci-Fi Fantasy series about Alien Vampires attempting to subjugate the human race, or steeped in a haunting horror novel, or an urban fantasy with supernatural themes, PD provides readers with a profound, entertaining, and satisfying reader experience.  His novels blend mystery, conspiracy, and psychology, with the supernatural, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. He’s been writing since childhood, creating and developing stories with brash and impactful concepts he describes are metaphors for the shifting energies that exist in the universe. PD is working diligently on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, The Rose Vol. III, the horror thriller series, Girl on a Mission, and Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, PD’s upcoming pulp horror novel. He is also a psychotherapist and hypnotist in private practice and specializes in treating PTSD and personality disorders.

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