M Pax - The BackworldsDear readers, tonight on the guest couch with have Craze, the interstellar adventurer. Craze will tell about the The Backworlds, and the amazing sights he’s seen amongst the stars.


What are the Backworlds exactly?

The Backworlds are the outmost solar systems inhabited by humans. Backworlders are genetically modified humans, in other words, humans terrformed to fit a world instead of the world terraformed for humans. Backworlders were created by Fo’wo’s, who grew to resent us then tried to annihilate us.

What was the lowest point in your adventures?

I thought it was when my Pa threw me out of the house ‘n kicked me off the planet. I didn’t know crap then. Being the most hated man in the galaxy is a low point. A really low one.

What is the most beautiful sight you have seen out amongst the stars?

Home. After explorin’ beyond the Edge—the border of the Backworlds’ territory—and meeting twisted, psychotic aliens, Pardeep Station was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I used to hate it. It’s a moon of little more than dust. It has low air, is always cold, ‘n dust storms are frequent. But it’s quiet ‘n it has a charming blue sky, one that makes a human’s heart ache.

Don’t you sometime wish you could take a break from all the wars? Where – and with whom – would you like to settle down?

I do. I want to return to Pardeep Station to brew malt ‘n ale. I want to tend my bar to a handful of customers. I used to hate nappin’ so much, now I kind of miss it. My current gal, Tabbish, is pretty sweet. Don’t know how that’ll go. She has notions of her own, ‘n you’ve got to let a gal have her notions. I’m sure you know.

What do you do to relax? What are your favourite food and drink?

I like to hang out with my friends ‘n have some laughs. Only, they’ve all gone off in different directions. Now we have to chat on our tabs. I brew a fine malt ‘n love to sip at it. There’s these tasty bugs call ricklets I like lots. When roasted their legs ‘n wings have a nice crunch.

What does the future hold for you?

It’s hard to say. For now, I’m tryin’ to hold a fragile alliance together so that the Backworlds survive.

M. Pax (not related to James Bond’s M), is obsessed with Jane Austen and is believes to have the most extensive collection of moon photos in existence. You can find Craze off the pages of The Backworlds series. 

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