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Dear readers, tonight with me on the couch is LX (or Alex for us Earthlings), an interstellar navigator. LX has been stranded on Earth for a while, trying to remain hidden. A recent discovery of some other beings that walk our earth has forced him out of of seclusion.


What’s your name?

Our alphabet is different from yours but using yours, it would be Lutnalind Zhendar Xavelk…LX or Alex if you prefer. It sounds pretty much like it does in my language.

Where were you born? What is it like growing up there?

I was born on a planet called Xhartan. For most of the time, growing up there was all right. I mean, we do not have diseases, or wars. The rain only comes down when our weathermen decide the planet needs some. You see, we have the most advance technology in the universe, so what is there not to like? Yet, albeit all that, growing up there was not easy for me. Kids loved to make fun of me because of my shorter stature, and to top it all, my eyes change colors with my mood so there is not a nickname I did not receive. It forced me to spend most of my time hiding, studying under a waterfall where I found company among the wild animal kingdom.

What is the most beautiful sight you have seen among the stars?

There are so many I could name. I have seen from supernovas to nebulae of all shapes and colors, yet, I have to go with Earth’s sunset. Xhartan has three suns and because of them, we live under constant day light. The first time I saw your sun go down below the horizon was the most exquisite event I had ever seen. There’s nothing like the way it changes everything around you. Even the fauna and the flora react and change with it. It is imply awesome!

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

Every new mission has its scary side, yet having to go undercover on a planet completely the opposite of mine might have very well been the scariest. Her people thrive on hurting and killing others for sports and other stupid reasons. I was only 75 years old then too and on one of my first assignments.
Ah, I saw you frown. Let me explain. Our lifespan is much longer than yours. To you, I look like a thirty-year old Earthling but I am really 407 Earth years. A 75 year old is about equal to an 18 year old on your planet. A bit young for such a mission but I was their best prospect then as I am still their best now.

What does the future hold for you and Mellie?

This is a tricky question. I love Mellie with all my heart. Yet, my people may have other plans for me. It seems they have promised me to someone else, someone evil, and the fate of my planet may depend on that. Since I was born to fulfill this destiny, without my knowing, I may not have any choice in the matter. My father and his fathers before him suffered the same fate. I cannot tell you more as I am already telling you too much. My people are secretive and do not like when secrets are revealed.

Can the vampires feed on your alien blood?

Yes, and they do like it. It pops and fizzes like soda due to the constant change in its composition. But then again, is there any human blood vampires do not crave? Yeah, in case you wonder, I am human too…just not from the same planet.

What does your ideal vacation looks like?

I never have time for vacations. Once a mission is completed, and my mental health judged fit, I leave for another. That said, I would love to go anywhere in the universe with Mellie, as long as it would be far from your military, my people, and the one I was promised to. Forgive me to be blunt, but at the moment I just cannot stand any of them. Can you blame me?

Before I go, I wanted to add that you are the only Earthling I have ever met who says things clearly and not filled with idioms. When I heard you wanted to interview me, it worried me. Would I understand you or would I make a fool of myself like I often do. As it is, it seems you might be from another planet too…


After GG Atcheson encountered strange lights in the sky, she became obsessed with extra-terrestrial life. She often daydreams about possible life in the universe. When she’s not stargazing, she reads, or plays MMORPG on the computer. You can find LX on the pages of Fate and Destiny.

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