SONY DSCDear readers, tonight with us is an interplanetary colonist. As we ask the questions, we ask our readers patience – it takes time for the communication beam to make it out to the asteroid belt and back with Lisa’s answers. 



Why did you chose to become an interplanetary colonist, despite the isolation from the rest of humanity?

Good mornsol, Assaph. Sorry to take so long answering, I’m twenty light-minutes away from you. I know you Earthlings aren’t used to that. It’ll take 40 to answer each question. I didn’t choose to come out to the belt, my parents were born in the Moon. They joined the colony expedition for Terpsichore when I was two. So I’ve never known any other kind of life. That said, I love it, and I’d leave Earth in a heartbeat, if only to get away from the gravity. As for isolation, I’m part of a community of 200, living in each others’ pockets. From the videos, I’d say Earthlings have a lot less real contact with people.

What is your role on the Terpsichore space station?

I’m a cop. I was a lowly constable when all this kicked off, then I got thrown into situation where I had to take charge. I’m captain of my own ship now, but I’m still a cop, with a boss on Phobos.

What did you first feel, when you realised you were stuck on a remote space station with a murderer?

First off, Terps isn’t remote, it’s our home. But if you mean far from outside help, that’s true. We’re used to solving things ourselves.

Feel? I didn’t have time to feel much, I was too busy. Most of the time, I was more scared of screwing up the job than being killed. We got a lot of help over the phone of course, from our HQ in Phobos.

What was the scariest point in your adventures?

Good aftersol. Sorry for the delay, I had a centrifuge session on the Phobean ship.

Scariness: Once we got to the dark colony and we realised we had to deal with the whole thing ourselves. I had to send my best friends in unprotected. I couldn’t go in myself, I’m too big. I was so scared one of them would die!

Where do you see humanity going in the near future?

Out, out out. Anywhere we can hope to live, that’s where we’ll live. We’re in the middle of the biggest movement in human history right now. Less than 10,000 have made it out to the Belt, and there’s room for millions. Some folks are on their way to the Jovian moons, which is a teeny bit crazy, and there’s supposed to be people building a starship, though that’s probably a myth.

What’s next for you? Are there any romantic plans in your future?

I’m heading in-system at the moment, which is kind of frustrating. We’re joining a flotilla towards Mars, and I’ve even had to get centrifuge training so I can stand Moon gravity. Not going to attempt the crazy gravity you Earthlings live in, of course.

Romance: I’m doing great at the moment, hooked up with Stjepan, married even, with a fine baby back on Terps.

Richard Penn survived the tech boom and bust to now retire and live on a narrowboat back in home UK. You can find Lisa on the pages of The Dark Colony and Freedom at Feronia.

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