Cover_SeasonsOfPainDear readers, tonight with us is a young witch, straight out of the deep south.




When did you first know that you were a Witch? How did you study magic?

I am a born Witch, if that’s what you mean?

That’s what I meant. If I understand correctly, if two supernaturals produce children, they children will be Supernatural as well, right?

Yes! Also if a mortal and Supernatural get together all their children will be Supernatural. Now let me answer your second question. How did I study Magic? I studied Magic with my mother she trained me in the Arcane ways.

Do you mean male magic?

Magic doesn’t have gender labels my friend. And I am not going to discuss it. I don’t have books to give you an over standing on what Arcane Witch discipline is.

How do Witches perform magic?

Three ways, verbal casting, hand gesture casting and thought casting. The Witches who are seasoned veterans can cast spells lower than six tiers with a single thought.

What other supernatural beings exist in your world?

 (Jesse shakes her head.)

My world is the world you live in buck-o. Is this what you’re trying to say – are there any more Supernaturals besides Witches?

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant to say.

Well you have Warlocks and Psychics and that’s it. Psychics wiped out the vampire species in the Psychic and Vampire War.

You currently live in Athens Georgia, which to my understanding is run by the Baldwin Kuven. Why do all typical kabals and kuvens consider the Deep South outlaw turf dangerous?

Your one question will need three answers. One: Outlaw turf is considered dangerous by Supernatural faction because their jurisdiction stops once they step outside the state or city they dominate. Outlaw turf can be any rural area, not just the south.

So you’re saying it’s like an outlaw fleeing to Native American turf because the federal laws don’t mean shit on Indian land right, so it’s like the old west?

Yes it is. Second Outlaw turf is where Psychics set up their havens outside the city limits and rural states too. To keep the high society Supernaturals off their turf. Third answer Outlaw turf is, well majority of it is Supernatural hot bed for inter dimensional creatures popping up. Inter dimensional creatures don’t pop up as much as they did in the past ten years. But from what I have been reading on alternative online news the encounters are very bizarre instead of frequent these days.

Have you had encounters of bizarre Supernatural activity?

O yes I have, first time I had a face to face encounter with the Sid. Ashley and I were on our way to an after party and then we were attacked. That was the very first time seeing nine foot tall of unspeakable dread! The Sids frigid touch and his hideous jutting jaw, that housed perfectly teeth of malice, still hounds my sleep man.

How was the encounter with the Psychics?

The Psychics helped Ashley and I escape the Panopticon camp research facility. To tell you what that is, it was secret research facility where heinous acts of science was being conducted. Furthermore all of us had to fight our way through hordes creatures Vargas left behind. I wouldn’t be sitting here today, if it wasn’t for the Psychics aiding us in killing the Nero Wretch. Those Psychics I worked with are okay in by book, but I can’t say that about all Psychics.

Why is there a phobia towards Psychics in the Supernatural environment?

It’s the unnatural Magic or Power they use doesn’t sit well with Witches and Warlocks. From what Adalious told me it’s raw power drawn from within and projected. Also my former kuven believe is that power has corrupted them. Look they slew every vampire using it and everyone saw the full might of their power during the Supernatural Civil War.

What is the beef between you and the Baldwin Kuvens’ leader Renee Davenport?

I personally have no ill will towards the red head pressure cooker. To make a long story short Ashley poisoned one of Renee’s relatives. Next Renee finds out Ashley and I didn’t obey the etiquette law when we came to Athens four years ago.

Can you expand on this etiquette law?

What the etiquette law was put in place for Supernatural circles to know Supernaturals coming and going out of their turf. You have to state your business, how many days or years you’re staying and all that rot. Since I am no longer casting spells, and exiled I figured I didn’t need to do participate in announcing myself. As for Ashley I never asked her why she didn’t, not my place to pry in best friends business like that.

Could this be the reason why Renee has not touched you yet?

Part of it, my friend. Yeah you know my Dad is the leader of the Lelrik Kabal and most feared Warlock kabal on the east coast.

Do you have a familiar? A black cat perhaps?

Hell no that’s some stupid stereotype! You only read about a Witch and some ugly cat in lame tall tales written by a moron human. Supernaturals have better senses than animals-cat, dogs and all animals are useless to us.

Imowen Lodestone is a recluse, who doesn’t like Facebook or Twitter. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, he always wanted to write stories to show readers the negatives and positives of being a Supernatural. You can find Jesse on the pages of Seasons of Pain.

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