What One Leaves Behind - Regan O'LearyDear readers, in a bizarre and somewhat worrying turn of events, our little interview couch is now participating in a crime across international borders.

You may recall the interview about two weeks ago with Bane Shaw. It seems that his dark past is not yet done with him. Revenge killings never end, and now the son of the man Bane murdered to protect his family is after him. We tracked him down on his murderous path, and asked him some hard questions.



Tell us about growing up in Glasgow, about your involvement with the street gangs

Gangs in Glesgae – that’s just the way of life. Gang life’s been around for hundreds of years! Hell, Glesgae has mair gangs than London – I’ll bet you didnae ken that! But, the only street gang that matters are my boys! The Billy Boy from Bridgeton. They’ve goat my back – always have, always will. We’re family! My da and my uncle were members – it’s who we are. We stick together against them Shanley Boys in Bridgeton and those Peel Glen Boys in the Drum. *Curses* Fenian Tims! We will always threaten their shops, piss on their churches, and force their kids from our cinemas! It’s status! I’m feared and respected because of my gang.

How did you know Bane Shaw was back in Glasgow? Did it take you to track him down?

I knew that big-heided arse would come back to Glesgae eventually. He was easy enough to find, an’ aw! Those stupid PGB blabbed all over Glesgae that the Bane Shaw was coming home – like he was some bastard hero! Coming back to marry his yank hoor! He wisnae that hard to find!

I understand you threatened Bronagh?

Aye! That I did! Unlike my da and my uncle, I know how to hurt a man! And it isnae killing whit family he left behind in Glesgae, no! I’ll take his soul from him – I’ll take his woman!

Do you remember what started the revenge killings between your family and the Shaw family?

Aye! My Da told me about it since I was a lad! My Uncle Kenny malkied that prick bastard Jack – that’s Bane’s brother, so you know.  Arrogant Fenian wearing his Celtic jersey prancing down Sauchiehall Street like he owned all of Glesgae! Then Bane left Glesgae after he murdered my Uncle Kenny – fuckin’ coward!

He came back though, to another funeral!

You are referring to the funeral of John Shaw, Bane’s father. I understand the Glasgow PD arrested your father for his murder?

Aye! They did. He’d have goat aff on a Not Proven tae! But Bane chibbed him before he could even go to trial! You know, I was 10 years old when I watched Bane kill my da. And the filth – the polis, never bothered thir arses!

How do you think those deaths affected you growing up? How do you think they affected Bane?

Affect me? Aye! Right! No! I never knew my uncle no thanks to Bane Shaw. He was murdered years before I was born. But it tore my da up losing his brother – made him crazy! Da was a mean drunk, slapped me around because I reminded him of Uncle Kenny. He was never right in the heid after that night! But he was still my da. I promised over his grave I’d kill that murderin’ bawbag!

If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?

[Greasy smile] Get rid of all the boggin Catholics! Bomb and burn their churches to the ground!

What do you see in your future?

My immediate future? That’s easy – I will find Bane Shaw and his woman and I will chib them both! Then I’ll piss on his grave when I watch his mum weep having buried another son!


Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Regan O’Leary is a freelance writer & researcher by day and an author by night. You can find Bane Shaw on the pages on Closer to Home, and Jerry in the newly released What One Leaves Behind.

We will resume our usual schedule with a new interview posted on Friday – unless another antagonist decides on a quick hijack of the mic!

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