Closer to Home - Regan OLearyDear readers, tonight with me is a Scottish musician, now living and working in Hollywood South (that’s the south Louisiana film industry, for those not in the know).

He will tell us of his move, and of some dark secrets from his past that haunted him across the Atlantic.


It’s rumored that you drink a lot of whisky, is that true?

Aye, well I suppose the answer depends on your definition of “a lot.” Let’s just say I enjoy whisky like the true Scotsman I am.

What is the story behind your nickname ‘Bane’?

(Wry laugh.) Well, it means ‘Bone’. The week I turned eighteen I got a job at the public house of the Hill’s Hotel. I worked as a barman. But, bartending at night at The Rigg sometimes required breaking up fights, especially during football matches between the Rangers and Celtics. The rivalry is as old as Glasgow itself and has more to do with religious bigotry than football so things often got intense inside the pub. My manager gave me the nickname, “Bane,” because, more times than not, anyone I had to throw out of the pub left with a broken bone.

When did you first fall in love with Bronagh?

Well, I wanted her the first time I laid eyes on her. But, I think I fell in love with Bronagh the night we spent together just listening to music in my office.

I understand you have an enormous LP record collection. How many albums do you own and why so many?

Aye, I do. I’m not sure how many I own, thousands. I have the largest record collection in  Baton Rouge, probably in Louisiana. Music speaks to the soul. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, or what religion you practice, music is the common thread that knits us together as human beings. Show me someone who doesn’t like music, I’ll show you someone you can’t trust!

When did you know that Mike Allen was becoming a threat to Bronagh again?

That bloody prick! I knew he was dangerous the moment Bronagh collapsed in my arms when the bastard spoke to her at Charley’s Pub. He did some horrific shit to her, and I knew he would again, if given the chance.

Well, Bane, you’ve done some pretty horrific things yourself.

Aye, I have. I would do it again, too! I will do anything to protect my family.

How do you think your dark secrets will affect your relationship with Bronagh?

Oh, hell! I don’t know. It might be a problem. Bronagh doesn’t know about my criminal past: my bloody deeds. But, I can tell you this much: I won’t lose her.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Regan O’Leary is a freelance writer & researcher by day and an author by night. You can find Bane Shaw on the pages on Closer to Home.

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