Tracy Palmer - TribridDear readers, tonight is a full moon, but we were promised that we are quite safe in hosting this young woman on the interview couch. She has only recently come out of thee hundred years of seclusion, keeping her nature secret while studying witchcraft.



When were you born? What do you remember of your childhood?

I was born in 1703 a few miles outside of Glasgow, Scotland. As for what I remember from my childhood… everything. For some reason, I can remember nearly every minute of my life and the things that have happened. I can even remember the sound of my mother’s voice. Even though she technically died before I was born. Sometimes that ability comes in handy. Other times… well… it can be a burden. Especially when I think about the people that I have lost in my lifetime.

What was it like, living for 300 years in hiding?

It was tough. I never made any friends because my contact with humans was very limited. Any humans that were around, weren’t around for long. We had to find a way to make sure that they never noticed the fact that I didn’t age. As you can imagine, I lead a pretty lonely existence. The only people I had any real interaction with were my Nahs… my grandmothers. They tried to get me to interact with Werewolves my “age”, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t trust the things I thought of as beasts because one had violently killed my mother and infected me in the process. Now I wish that I had been more open minded about them. I think my life would have been a lot easier. It for sure would have been less lonely.

What was it like to discover you are a werewolf? What was your first transformation like?

My Nahs made sure to tell me from the time I was a baby that I was going to be a Werewolf, so it didn’t come as a surprise. It was definitely something I dreaded. I mean, these things were monsters in my mind and I didn’t even want to associate with them let alone be one. The first change that comes over a Were happens during puberty. That first time is really scary. Everything goes fuzzy and all of the sudden you are on four legs instead of two. Things look different… the colors change. Sounds and scents become almost overwhelming! It’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. But, because I hated what being a Were meant, I wasn’t able to embrace the true beauty of the experience.

What can you tell us about witches? What powers do you have?

Witches are actually a race. A lot of people think it’s just a religion, but it isn’t. You are either born a witch or not. Nobody can just learn to be one. Being a witch means having control of energy and natural elements (fire, water, earth, and air). The hard part is learning to control them in the ways you want to. I come from a long powerful line of female witches. Before you ask, yes, men can be witches as well, they just aren’t as common. Each witch is usually gifted with more power over certain elements than others. I happen to have equal gifts with all of them. Powers I have are the ability to control people with my voice, cause pain or heal it without physically touching a person, and manipulate all of the elements at will. Want it to rain? No problem. Want to light a candle but don’t have a match? I can do it. Those sorts of things. I have to admit something though: after 300 years, I’m still learning.

What about when you learned you were part Vampire?

That was a major shock! I thought my father was just some human out sowing his seed. When I found out he was a Vampire and that made me a Damphyr, I pretty much lost it. I changed into my wolf and ran away from the people who had told me. I already considered myself a freak. Adding Vampire to the mix just made it that much worse.

What are the commonly believed myths about witches, vampires, and werewolves that are simply not true?

That’s an easy one: we aren’t evil! Just like with humans, you get a bad apple every once in a while. But, we aren’t spawns of the Devil. Werewolves can change at will, they don’t need a full moon. Vampires can eat garlic. Other than that, I really shouldn’t get too in depth about them. One thing that ISN’T a myth is that they don’t want the world knowing everything about them.

What does the future hold for you?

I really have no idea. I’m in a place in my life where things aren’t clear. I mean, at least when I was with my Nah’s I knew what to look forward to day after day. Now, I can’t even begin to guess what things are around the corner. I’ve started a new relationship and that’s very new for me. As I said before about my powers, I’m still learning. But now I’m learning about everything that the world has to offer. Living in near solitude for as long as I did has made me a bit naive about the what’s out there. Maybe I’ll travel. Maybe I’ll start a family. Who knows? The only thing I DO know is that my adventure into life is only just now beginning. The sky’s the limit for this girl!



Tracy Palmer was obsessively involved in music, acting, and writing since she was first introduced to them in elementary school and she spent most of her scholastic life devoted to each one of the three. You can find Tala on the pages of the Tracy’s debut Tribrid and sequels.

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