The Mastks of MonstersDear Readers, tonight in the guest chair we have Aeron of Brittany, out of the pages of The Masks of Monsters. Aeron is a 400 year old French vampire, a rising star in his society.



 You don’t look like most vampires I’ve seen. Where did you come from?

A long time ago, I was not trapped in this form… I could will this all away and blend in with the mortals as most other vampires do. I was a simple Frenchman from Rennes, cursed and empowered with strength enough to dominate all monsters I came across. All those who threaten our world will come to know it.

Does my appearance frighten you, mortal? Is it this grim, grey flesh of mine or my wings like the Devil’s own that causes you to quiver in fear? But… say again… most vampires you’ve seen?

So, are you some kind of vampire knight?

 That’s an amusing notion. No, I carry out the tasks given to me by my mentor and my Regent, Kitra. Oftentimes I am sent to bring justice to those who threaten our world. Like whatever it is that has been stealing some of my kin away…

Occasionally I will aid others… for a few thousand livre.

Could you tell me a little about French vampire society?

How presumptuous you are to think that a feeble little mortal such as yourself would be worthy to know of our ‘society’.  Ours is a nation of legions and warlords… for now at least.

Used to be that we were each free to rule the night but these vampires still carry the naive hearts of men. Now we have Regents appointed to rule over French provinces and a High Lord over the regents… the absurdity… Look at where it has gotten them. But this imperious High Lord’s days are numbered… as well as those pitiful regents who support him. Oh I want nothing more than to tear them from their provinces and throw them into the sunlight with stakes of oak their hearts.

How do other vampire societies do it?

From what I’ve seen, they have found no other way. To the North in Britain, they almost completely mirror mortal society and so share its faults! The infighting, the power struggles… this is not the way we should act…t hen there are rumours of that mysterious ‘empire’… but I’ve said too much.

How do you mean? And what do you plan on doing about this High Lord?

 … I plan nothing… By whom did you say you were sent?

Um… Who’s your tailor? Getting clothes to fit those wings must take a great skill.

 Tailor? I have no need for one… the younger vampires do tend to befriend mortal tailors. As for me, thus far these wings have fooled mortals into believing I wear a cloak of black, so long as I cling to the shadows. But they seldom see me anyway.

So if you were to rule, you wouldn’t dress yourself in any of that grand apparel?

 If I were to rule, no I would not. If the rumours are true, I am of the same mind as that shadowy empire. We of the vampire underworld are all equal.  We share our strength as we do our weaknesses. That fine garb the High Lord wears is but a meaningless costume. I have no need for such things.

Speaking of weaknesses, what are your views on the garlic thing? Any issues with other strong spices?

 After 400 years, I am still perplexed as to how that myth came about. It never fails to amuse me when I see peasants hanging garlic upon their doors. I tend to feed on them first.

I can smell the spices from their breath and taste certain kinds in the flesh of nobles sometimes. Some spices irritate us but, only about as much as it does mortal men, it’s nothing that will save them from my hunger… or you for that matter.

You obviously enjoy the fear and blood…What do you do to relax after a long night of maiming and killing people?

 I don’t think you understand. That is how I relax.

Narayan Liu is an Hong King author, with a passion for dark fantasy. You can find Aeron on the pages of his first novella – The Masks of Monsters.

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