Web Cover-miniDear readers, tonight we will be interviewing Felix the Fox. Felix comes to us from the far off magical city of Egretia. Felix is an interesting character, with quite an extraordinary career. His specialist services have saved the lives and property of many of his clients.


How did you get your nickname?

My name, just like my father’s, is Spurius Vulpius – but nobody uses it these days. I got the nickname Felix [ed: “lucky”] as a child, but as I grow older I’m less sure it means I’m Fortuna’s favourite. More like her favourite butt for practical jokes.

Fox is, of course, a reference to what I do for a living. It’s much nicer that ‘ferret’, which is almost what I got stuck with.

What do you do for a living?

I studied to be an incantator, a wizard. I got booted out of college, however, and never completed my studies. I worked a while for the firm of Gordius et Falconius, where I learned the art of investigation.

Now I work for myself as a fox – a sniffer of troubles, and resolver of predicaments. The kind of messes where there’s often a corpse involved.

Tell us about your latest case

I can’t, I’ve been paid to keep my mouth shut…

But I’ll let you know that I’ve been doing anything from sanitation issues to lost magical rings. I’ve recently helped a young noblewoman whose husbands kept dying within a week of consummating their marriage. She’s now happily married to number four, who seems to be doing just fine.

My current assignment is for one of our city’s great landowners, a tycoon of apartment housings. He contracted me to find out why he can’t get any tenants any more.

What’s your favourite colour, animal, and drink?

My favourite colour is silver – that means I just got paid. And red – means I just spent the silver on some wine.

My favourite animal, like that of many of our people, is the squid. Totally versatile, from making ink to squid-on-a-stick street snacks.

My favourite drink is mulsum, but (when I can afford it) I’m partial to Verguvian wine and Kebric honey. Sadly I can’t afford the good stuff all too often.

Felix the Fox is the main character in Murder in-absentia by Assaph Mehr. You can read more of Felix’s adventures on www.egretia.com.

Lately, he seems to have taken a life of his own, run off the pages, and started doing guest interviews on other blogs: read more.

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