Dear readers, tonight we reprint a transcript of a TV interview, hosting two sisters — a biologist and an author. They are here to tell us about their adventures in the Amazon basin, and about the crypids they encountered there.

/Begin Transcript/

Jack Carver: Tonight, we are honored to welcome Adalyn and Penelope Price to the show. Adalyn, of course, is best known for her contributions to the field of biology, particularly in the study of the “Ex-Extinct.” And Penelope generously took time out of her book tour to talk to us. Ladies, how are you tonight?

Adalyn: Ada. Just call me Ada. I’m…I’m doing well. Thanks.

Penelope: Penny is fine. *smiles* We’re happy to be on the show. Thanks for having us.

Jack: Of course, how could we miss this opportunity?

Adalyn Ada: *under breath* By not calling…

Penelope Penny: *Glares briefly toward Ada*

Jack: *laughs awkwardly* So, tell us a little bit about how you got started with…with all of this!

Penny: Well, we owe a lot to José Narvaez, he couldn’t be here today, but if it wasn’t for him, “Existence” wouldn’t exist. *laughs*

Ada: Are you asking how we became “monster hunters?” That’s what you really want to know, right?

Jack: Sure. *hesitates* Let’s start with that.

Ada: Lost a crew to carnivorous land whales from the Eocene. José dogged us till we gave in.

Penny: Till you gave in.

Ada: But you get it, Jack. This is what? Your twelfth time trying to get me here?

Penny: What Ada is less than eloquently saying, is that the world was extremely interested in her discovery. Even if it did color us with some unwanted fame.

Ada: Us? Me, you mean?

Penny: *laughs*

Jack: *laughs*

Ada: *laughs sarcastically*

Jack: Penny, in your book, Existence, you detail your expedition into the Amazon in search of a living legend. But you also state that this has always been an interest in your family?

Penny: I have to admit, it was mostly Ada’s. I played with dolls as a child and did my fair share of finger painting. For Ada, it was monsters.

Ada: They were dinosaurs.

Penny: Sure, that’s where it started, but that led to Loch Ness and Bigfoot…

Ada: And giant sloths and sabretooth tigers. Yeah.

Jack: Ada, how do you feel about being the harbinger of this new field of study?

Ada: *pauses* *sighs* I don’t consider it “new.” The study of these animals has always been a thing. I studied migrating whales before…before Antarctica. That being said, until recently, science was only able to study their remains. Now there’s an opportunity to study them alive.

Jack: That was…well put. *nods*

Penny: Not only to study them but protect them.

Ada: She’s right. At this point, it’s obvious there is no stopping humans from spreading. These “Ex-Extinct” creatures are some of the rarest on Earth, having remained hidden for thousands of years. They’ll be gone before we know it if we don’t do something about it.

Jack: That is a perfect transition to my next question. Your work at the Nakamura Institute is just that, to preserve and protect these animals. Isn’t that right?

Ada: *looks to Penny*

Penny: *looks to Ada* *hesitates* Yes. Yes, that is what it is. Yamato Nakamura has been extremely generous with his funding at the Nakamura Aquarium. But we can’t speak on it much more. Needless to say, there will be some big news soon.

Ada: Yeah. Big news. *rolls eyes*

Jack: There have been photographs of a Nakamura Institute helicopter fleeing from the ruins of the Emerald Lotus Hotel during the most recent tropical storm. Do you have any knowledge of what they were doing there?

Ada: *shakes head* Nope.

Penny: *laughs nervously* We were studying sea life in a nearby reef when a distress call was received. Nakamura was simply lending a hand.

Jack: You were there?

Penny: No. No of course not. By “we,” I mean the Nakamura Institute.

Jack: Right. Of course. So, what’s next on the plate for Ada and Penny Price?

Penny: Other than our work at the Institute, I have been wanting to get back to writing. Get my hands dirty again. I haven’t found anything yet, but I have no doubt something will come up. It is a brave new world, after all.

Ada: Poaching.

Jack: Excuse me?

Ada: Part of the deal with Nakamura is that a portion of the proceeds go to fund a non-profit whose goal is to…deal with poachers.

Jack: That is an admirable cause, for sure. May I ask, do you have an opinion on the famous big game hunter Howard Rider Lamb? He claims to be spearheading an expedition into the Amazon, just as you did, but with the goal of bringing back a trophy of his own.

Penny: No comment.

Ada: He won’t come back. Promise.

Jack: *pauses*

Ada: It’s a dangerous place out there. That’s all I’m saying.

Jack: Ok. I only have one last question. What are your feelings on creating more “Ex-Extinct” creatures through the use of cloning? The field has come very far.

Ada: *looks at camera* Don’t.

Penny: *Silent*

Jack: *laughs nervously* Alright. Well, Penny? Is there anything else you’d like to say? We’re nearly out of time.

Ada: Good.

Penny: *glares at Ada* *laughs nervously* If you’d like to know more about our expedition, you can read all about it my book, Existence. It’s on shelves now. Thank you very much for having us.

Jack: It has…uh…been a pleasure. We look forward to seeing more of you soon. *Looks at camera* Adalyn and Penelope Price, adventurers, monster hunters, scientists. As Penny said, it’s a brave new world out there.

Ada: I am not a monster hunter, I’m a biologist!

Jack: *stumbles* *smiles nervously* Yes, yes of course. This is Jack Carver with your Science News. We’ll…we’ll see you next time.

/End transcript/

L. D. Whitney was born in the upon the Great Plains, but now calls the High Desert his home. He is a History teacher, archeologist, author and adventurer, as well as co-host of the critically acclaimed podcast, Rogues in the House.

You can find Ada and Penny on the pages of Existence.

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