Dear readers, tonight with me is a young private detective from Denver. In a classic hard-boiled style, he tangles with anything from small-time gangsters to serial killers.

Tell us a little about what you were like growing up?

I was a good kid for the most part, until I hit my teen years. Then all hell broke loose and I was constantly getting in trouble; stealing items when I thought I could get away with it and getting into fights with my older brother. It got to the point where my father had a Polk County Sheriff friend of his lock me up in the county jail for a few hours to give me a taste of what prison life was like. And I didn’t care for the incarceration at all, the restrictive confinement getting my attention.

What did you enjoy doing as a child? Any cherished memories?

Cherished memories were of playing little league baseball, shooting hoops with friends and occasionally throwing around the pigskin, at least when I wasn’t getting into trouble. Even though I was athletic, it was too bad I wasn’t proficient at any of those sports. Going pro would have been an exciting career choice, and infinitely less dangerous than the one I chose.

What do you do now?

After I got my life straightened out, thanks to being scared out of my wits by the Sheriff, I decided I wanted to be a detective. Not one who worked for the city, county or federal government. But a private detective. I wasn’t the best at following orders and being my own boss became the logical choice. I was always good shadowing people as a kid; lurking and stalking to see what they were up to. And best of all I would get paid for it, though not a lot for the first few years.

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

After serving a cheating, lying husband with divorce papers where I worked in Denver, I learned an old associate had been found murdered in Southern California. Feeling an obligation to find his killer, I head to the Golden State to dig deep and try to find out who was involved. And boy do I step into a mess of shi…dung, that nearly gets me killed, on several occasions.

What did you first think when you got to Southern California?

That there are endless tanned bodies, exposing a lot of skin. And man, oh man is the traffic there horrible. I thought it was bad in Denver, but it was downright insane navigating all the different highways and interstates. It didn’t matter the time of day; it was nothing but wall to wall vehicles.

What was the scariest thing in your latest adventure?

Well first off, I got my ass kicked by a gang member, who didn’t like me poking around in his business. That beating took me several weeks to recover from. Then I needed time to get my head on straight before continuing the investigation. Second, I come up against a powerful organization dealing illegal contraband, with ties to a three-letter government agency. One hell-bent on stopping me from exposing them by any means at their disposal.

What is the worst thing about being a private detective?

Besides getting my ass kicked, which has happened more times than I care to remember, it’s my client’s aversion to the truth. They never give me the whole story, which makes my job that much more difficult. For some reason it takes them time to trust me with the truth. And in some cases, they just don’t want to reveal all, whether it be because they are too embarrassed to tell me, or they are just plain stubborn.

What is the best thing about it?

Frankly it’s the women I’ve met via the job. Many of them are quite beautiful, and willing…if you know what I mean! Those pleasures of the skin keep a smile on your face. But at a cost, for thanks to my hound dog traits, it did ruin a good relationship or two along the way.

Tell us a little about your friends.

My closest male friend is Bill Malone, a Denver cop who helps me from time to time, though reluctantly thanks to his sour attitude. Then there is Brandon Sparks, though calling him a friend is a stretch. More like a confidant who has provided me assistance, thanks to his ties …how should I put it…to organized crime. I’ve been indebted to him for many years, a hole I may never dig out of.

Any romantic involvement?

There have been two major females in my life over the last several years, besides those I’ve slept with purely for the pleasure of it. Melissa was the love of my life, until I screwed it up, something I’ve excelled at. Strangely enough we remain close friends to this day, thanks to all we’ve been through. She’s an important aspect in my life, but the mistake I made with her trust still haunts me.

And there is April Rainn, who is a Denver street cop. We started out as friends, and she even saved me from a brutal beating, one she paid for with a bullet in the gut, which she thankfully recovered from. Now we are lovers in the night, our relationship becoming monogamist, which was something new for me. A trait I’ve struggled to maintain, for there always seems to be a woman lying in wait to tempt me. And I’m not all that good at resisting temptation.

Whom (or what) do you really hate?

I’ve come across many villains in my line of work. But the most sinister is a serial killer, The Front Range Butcher. He was a piece of work and one who still haunts me in my dreams. I bested him in the end, but it took a toll on me, that I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from. And as he waits for his trial, he still threatens me and those I care about with his powerful connections.

What’s your favourite drink, colour, and relaxing pastime?

Though I hate stereotypes, there is one I can’t deny. Sitting at a bar, drinking a beer on tap and watching whatever ballgame that is on the TV. A classic private eye trait. Then after that, I go home and make love to whatever woman who will have me…I mean April! Darn it’s hard to shake those old habits.

What does the future hold for you?

Right now, I’m taking a break from sleuthing, recovering from injuries which nearly killed me. But I maybe back someday, when someone is in need. Though the need must be immense for me to dip my toes in the business again.

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

I’ve always wanted to have a dog. And a big dog, like a Black Lab or a German Shepard. Now that I’m home more, a dog seems like a good companion to have. I plan on checking out the shelters for a rescue to join my life.

R Weir lives in the Mile-High city with his wife, daughter and dog; where the Rocky Mountain High isn’t always achieved with an herbal substance. When not glued to the computer for work and writing, he relaxes by enjoying the outdoors; working in his yard, traveling in a motorhome and riding a motorcycle wherever the wind takes him. R Weir’s writing beckons back to the days of detectives and dames, but with modern plots and twists. PI Jarvis Mann is tough, resourceful and a man with as many faults as virtues. R Weir’s oddball sense of humor is much like Jarvis, though he’s not nearly as tough and fearless. Though no evil stands a chance against his written word!

You can find Jarvis Mann on the pages of his own series, culminating with the latest, high-acclaimed, Mann in the Crossfire.

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