Dear readers, tonight we bring you an interview from across dimensions. This interview was conducted by a fellow researcher into the nature of magick. He was fortunate enough to run into a fierce warrior, specialist in fire. Read on to find out a world most of us will only see in Japanese manga and role-playing games.

Hello, Jael. I am Melchior from the kingdom of Anithelis. I am currently travelling around the world studying about the history of Magick. I understand that you are resting after a fierce battle, but do you mind answering a few questions for my research?

No worries. I love interviews. I’ll answer everything you have for me.

Can you tell me about growing up in Bristal?

I had a nomad’s life I would say. Well, I only had Frekkis by my side as we traversed through woods, villages, and whatnot. Most of my time growing up was running errands, accepting hunts and requests from clients.

It wasn’t a childhood worth imagining. But hey, it did play a key role in developing my magick further.

Do you have any cherished memories?

Cherished memories? I never had the luxury of time, nor the ability to think of any. The only thing valuable I had with me was this necklace. However, if magick is included in this category then yes, I only had my flames with me. Ha ha ha!

Oh, wait. It isn’t? Meh.

What do you do now?

I’ll let you in a little secret…

Aside from attending interviews such as this one, I am still busy trying to find about my mysterious past. Surprise! You didn’t expect that did you?

Well, it was nowhere near easy, and I was hoping my questions would be answered there. Yes, that’s the queen’s castle.

Can you tell me something about your adventures?

Adventures you say? you don’t want me starting with adventures. I’ve seen quite a lot! But in any case, I can tell you a bit about the Maggus’ Stadium.

It is THE stadium for mages! Mages… Yes, it is a dream come true! Fire magick, Stellar magick, Dimensional magick, you name it. Nearly every magick can be seen and you could learn a thing or two from those fancy whiz-banging spells.

Wanna see mine?..


What did you first think when you met the Queen?

Queen Jeannah? She’s the most radiant woman I’ve laid my eyes upon…

Oh! Sorry. Yeah, the queen. She’s very vibrant. One look and you know, she IS the Queen. She is like a goddess, very gentle yet instills respect and commands authority.

You haven’t seen her yet? You need to at least see her once in your life!

What was the most frightening thing you’ve ever encountered?

I’ve heard a lot of myths from old regarding dragons. I never believed them until I saw one!

Yes, you heard that right! An actual dragon! It was more colossal than I imagined. It was really exhilarating to encounter one.

That, my friend, is a beast not to be messed with.

What is the worst thing about wielding magick?

The worst thing about magick…

Well, magick is supposed to be used for the good. But, let’s be realistic here. Power corrupts men. And as we have our filthy appetites of more power, we use it for our evil desires. That is the nature of man. Either you are powerful enough to quench your desires, or you are fallen victim from the clutches of evil.

What is the best thing about it?

I believe that everyone has the ability to wield magick, but to actually develop the skill to use it efficiently is a tedious task. However, once you acquire it, it is as rewarding as it gets. It makes life easier. Such as hunting for game, doing the chores and many other things.

But for me, the most exciting part of magick is the competition!

Tell me something about your friend over there.

Vaan? He is like a big brother to me. Well, to start, he is an Earth Mage capable of Quake Magick. While being a really powerful mage, he is as humble as a rock. He loves to scold me. Ha ha ha! But he is like a guardian who would protect you no matter what.

Any romantic involvement?

No can do! She might hear this interview! No… I said no… ok… Fine!

Her fighting prowess is top notch. That’s all I can say!

Just how strong is Malevolentiam?

Remember how I said not to mess with dragons? They are a higher level than that. I don’t know much about them really. All I know is that they are insurgents who strive to gain control of Bristal.

What’s your favourite drink?

Does this question have anything to do with magick? But it’s a good thing you asked me.

Hey Barkeep, could you give me two pints of IronBark? That’s on me.

Right, so this is called IronBark. It’s a special mix of orange nectar, green herbs and bark-liquor. It is not alcoholic as it may sound so don’t worry. Cheers!

Refreshing isn’t it?

Is there anything else you want to share with me?

Well, if you are studying the history of magick. You should research where it all came from. You should know about the story of Maggus and the Seven parts of Teliko Mageia.

For it is known, that when the seven parts are collected together, you shall be endowed with the most powerful magickal spell ever existed, the Teliko Mageia!

Alright, that’s all I have. It was a pleasure. Soon I’ll be going back to Anithelis and publish this research. I hope to see you again, Jael.

I will try to go to Anithelis right after this war ends! Ha ha ha!

I will definitely see you again, Melchior.

A.J. is a civil engineer but has been an avid gamer for many years, mostly on the RPG genre. A.J. has been exposed to different kinds of fantasy elements. The passion to create worlds gave birth to Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame. A.J. is currently writing the second installment of Teliko Mageia.

You can find Jael on the pages of Teliko Mageia.

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