Summer's Dark Waters - Simon WilliamsDear readers, tonight with me are two extraordinary young persons. Joe and Amber have just returned to us from a series of adventures – very extraordinary adventures. One can say, out of this world adventures.



How was your life at school, before your adventures started?

Amber: It was just ordinary really, but I always felt I was trying to be someone who I actually wasn’t – like just a normal kid… sometimes I just wanted to go away and be on my own and just think about things.

Joe: Mostly I kept myself to myself. I suppose thinking back I must have known deep down that I was different, but I could never have imagined how.

What was it like, the first time you met the aliens?

Amber: Oh, the Lost? We didn’t really know what they were at first, or at least we wouldn’t have if Stephen hadn’t told us. The weird thing is, some of them ARE aliens, but some of them are human.

Which was your scariest adventure?

Joe: That first time when we were in the Emptiness, and we just didn’t know where we were or how we could possibly get back. That was scary. It was even weirder because it looked a lot like Earth… only the stars in the sky were all different.

What do your families and friends say, when you tell them of your adventures?

Amber: Well, I only ever talk about it with my Dad – he’s the only family I’ve got, although Joe and his aunt are also like family. But my Dad doesn’t like me talking about it much.

What’s your favourite game to play?

Joe: I used to like football and running, but I don’t get much chance to do that now, as I have to keep moving from school to school. My aunt says we can’t stay anywhere too long because the Lost might find us again.

Amber: I play computer games mostly, but again like Joe I have to be careful and move around quite a lot now so I don’t get as much chance to play as I would have wanted. Maybe one day, but I think we’ll both be grown up by then!


Simon Williams is an author of dark fantasy with elements of science fiction and horror, who seems intent on writing about himself in the third person. He is also the author of the Aona series, and we will be hosting Vornen later this year. He is donating all the royalties from sales of Summer’s Dark waters to TACT- – an adoption and fostering charity. You can find Joe and Amber on the pages of Summer’s Dark Waters.

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