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Dear readers, tonight with me is a member of a truly alien race. They have at last found the world of Aona, and in so doing have awaken ancient powers. Their world is now in turmoil, on the verge of total war.


Tell us about the world of Aona, what is it like?

Aona is vast – with four main lands, Aphenhast, Harn, Alhar and the separate lands of the South Ocean Islands. A lot of it remains unexplored. Aphenhast is ruled by one ruling family in the south, although their influence doesn’t extend much further than the Crescent mountains.

What can you tell us about the mysterious Gates?

I’m drawn to them and for a moment I see something that’s like a tear in the fabric of reality – a window to somewhere else, you might say. Some lead to other worlds, some lead only out into the Void between worlds. Regardless of that, all of them are dangerous and unpredictable. Legend has it that they were used millennia ago by the creatures known as marandaal, in an attempt to destroy all life on Aona.

Why were you banished from your people?

Oh, from the town of Ruan-Tor? For fighting and a whole array of other offences which are too long to list – oh and because the leader of the Church Knights, Rocan, decided that he wanted to be rid of me. So I was banished from the town of my birth. But only for four years… I will be going back there soon. Of course, I’m not entirely certain that I’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

What does it feel like, to be addicted to kyush?

Awful, mostly, punctuated by brief moments of euphoria. But they never last long, and so you feel desperate to feel that euphoria again. It’s a vicious cycle…

What do you do to relax?

Unfortunately, kyush is what I do to relax… or had been up until a few months ago. I seem to have lost the taste for it at the moment.

What’s your favourite colour, animal and drink?

Colour – black or grey.

Animal – I’ve always had a soft spot for stray dogs. Maybe I feel that they’re a bit like me.

Drink – wine. It’s safer to drink than the water in most parts of northern Aphenhast.

Simon Williams is an author of dark fantasy with elements of science fiction and horror, who seems intent on writing about himself in the third person. He is also the author of Summer’s Dark Waters – and out of its pages we interviewed Joe and Amber earlier this year. You can find Vornen on the pages of Oblivion’s Forge.

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