Marie - Ana MeyerDear readers, tonight on the interview couch is Marie, off the pages of her eponymous novel. Marie is a special person, the picture of physical perfection. Let us find out what mind lies inside a body that can heal at rapid rates. 


What was it like growing up at the institution? Did you have a favourite toy?

How do you think it was? I lived in a sterile building. I had my friends and that was all, but they turned out to be pricks.

What the fuck is a toy?

Did you have any one there that you felt close to, like a parent?

That is none of you damn business!

What does your extreme healing power feel like? Do wounds hurt less?

It feels like healing, and yes it does fucking hurt. I am not some superhero or something.

What do you do to unwind?

Unwind? What is that?

Who was your first love?

Bring him up again and I am cutting you!

What does your ideal vacation look like?

I wish I knew.

What does the future hold for you?

I live day to day. I don’t have the luxury of thinking about the future.

Got any more questions, Mr. Quiz show?

Um, no. Thank you for coming.

Ana Elise Meyer enjoys reading many types of literature but prefers historical fiction. She is an avid film fan, with her own YouTube channel. Ana lives with her three rescue dogs and cat. Her creation Marie can be found on the novel with the same name.

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