sp-joseph-lyons-demond-druxDear readers, tonight we interview a very unique individual. You might know him as the Demond of Legend, wizard killer. But he is also known as Oreunasis, Lord of the DRUX.

He is here to tell us about the mysteries of the universe.

Tell us Demond, how does it feel to be a legend? How did you garner such an honored title? Would you prefer I call you Oreunasis?

You may call me Oreunasis as it is my true name, and I am no legend, all I have done is show the mortals that their oppressors, the wizards, can be destroyed. They then gave me this title. I did not ask for it.

And how old are you, Oreunasis?

In terms you might understand, I am millions of years old.

So what is a DRUX exactly?

We DRUX are the first immortal creation of the Great Voice. We were charged with the care of the mortals in their infancy. With powers over the elements, planets, even time itself, we are able to protect the natural law of the universe. As the mortals evolved, we left them to carve out their own path among the stars, unswayed by our presence. Now, we are merely a myth to them. Stories told to their children.

So you had to come back into the universe and take on mortal form to stop the wizards? Tell us about that.

The wizards were once servants of the DRUX, and granted the powers they have for their loyal service to us. Once we left, they were to carry on our purpose among the mortals, one of peace and harmony. But in our absence they became misguided, blinded by their new powers and sought to rule the universe with force. They have to be stopped.

If you’re a mortal now, how do you stand against creatures with the power to enslave a universe?

Do you see the blade at my back? Though I now lack the physical and magical strength I once did, my sword, which carries the essence of the DRUX and the power to uphold the will of the Great Voice, can easily undo even the mightiest of wizards with a single and devastating slice. However, I must never become separated from it. To do so leaves me just as vulnerable as the mortals themselves. I was also instructed to come as a mortal so as not to disturb the natural law of the universe. If the mortals saw a DRUX again, all the growth they had done would be instantly undone, and chaos would fill an already unstable universe.

What was it like for you to become human? How have you adjusted to human form?

The transition was excruciating. As my immortal form ripped apart and shifted to allow for weak blobs of flesh to take the place where magical might once sat, I felt the most unpleasant thing I ever had. Imagine someone taking their fingernails and grinding them into your flesh, then, slowly pulling it from your muscle. Now imagine they squeeze it, then place it back on you, only to do it again, repeatedly, all over your body. All this while someone is clubbing you mercilessly in the head while another sets you ablaze. Even after the transformation, I was left weak, heavy, slow. Adjusting to mortal life and routine was so cumbersome. Eating, sleeping, avoiding dangers, worrying about your life. Things I had never fathomed until they were my reality.

Wow, sounds dreadful! Is there anything you do enjoy about being in human form?


Ah, I can see by your reaction that there’s been much joy for you in this area.

Indeed. Though mortals are so simple and linear as they live their very short lives, they have one thing the immortals do not, and it is something that rivals all else that we have. Emotions. To feel is something I had never imagined. Though pain and fear and suffering are a terrible curse on humans, joy, laughter, and love are beyond compare.

You’ve known love?

Yes. Though I never expected to, and was forbidden from do so, I instantly fell in love with the girl that took me in after my great fall and transformation.

Tell us about her. What was it like falling in love?

Kaya is perfect in all ways. When I opened my eyes to her for the first time and saw those bronze pools of wonder, I was captivated. Her face, her hair, her smile, her voice. *sigh* Every part of her completes every part of me. I would trade all the wonders of the universe that I have ever known, just to remain in her presence. I cannot put into words how my whole body reacts to her.

I assume then that the two of you are, uhh, intimate?

That is none of your business, but, how can two be so fiercely connected with it?

Fair enough. Do you plan to have a family? Can a DRUX do that?

That is the dream for both of us. To settle down where there is peace, and raise a large family together. To watch the perfect expression of our love grow in flesh is the deepest desire of my heart, and hers.

You looked sad as you shared that. Do you fear it won’t happen?

Fear is one of my least favorite emotions. If I fail in this mission, we are all slaves, or worse. And if I die in mortal form, it is forever. I could not then return to my DRUX form, and I could not live my dream with Kaya. Such thoughts bring me great agony.

Could you and Kaya not run and hide from the wizards? Find a place where they’d never find you, have your family, grow old together far from their reach?

That, too, is Kaya’s wish, but I was sent to stop them and so I must. Even the farthest reaches of the universe would not remain without their presence for long. I could not fathom watching my family suffer and die by the hands of the wicked ones. I could not carry the weight of turning my back on the mortals and doing nothing as they die. Though I passionately desire the oneness Kaya and I have built, it must not come selfishly at the cost of so many lives.

Mind if I ask you about your life as a DRUX, before you joined us in flesh?

Please. I would welcome the changed in direction.

One question many of us have is if we are alone in the universe. You being here is proof that we’re not, but how many different aliens, or races, or peoples inhabit the stars around us?

An infinite number. You would be surprised. Many resemble you closely while some differ only slightly in size or shape or structure. Though cultures vary widely in belief and life practice, most are based on a core of peace and prosperity, survival of their species, much like yourself. Some, though, are domineering and wage great wars simply to test their might. Many are barbaric with the use of simple tools, while others have great technologies and have learned to harness the energy of the universe for survival. Some, like the mage sisters, use great magic to offer peace, beauty and love to all in the universe. Others, like the giant Gaunlar, wield a powerful magic hammer that not even the wizards can match. Though they seek no wars, they are aggressive, territorial and dangerous. Like a ferocious animal, they should be avoided.

Where did the DRUX go? Do they still watch the mortals?

The DRUX now live in the centre of the universe in a city of structures that weave perfectly with one another to form a large spherical monument to our kind. No planet or sun could match its size, and no creature beyond us could reach it. Though we do still watch the cosmos, we are forbidden to interfere with the lives of the mortals more than is absolutely required. Hence why I am here, now, in this form.

With your infinite age and wisdom, do you have a message you’d like to leave us, something we could learn from? Something that could help us better ourselves?

Never take your emotions or your loved ones for granted. Your existence is short but so potentially powerful. When you are dying, what will you remember most? The work you did? The quarrels with your neighbors? The personal wealth you accumulated? No. You will long for the days of magic and wonder. You will remember fondly the moments you spent with the ones you loved deeply. Since this is true, I encourage you to cherish those moments now. Create as many of them as you can as one day, these memories, will be all you have left. Let them be great and plentiful. Also, do not forget to fall madly in love. Nothing among the mortals or immortals alike is anything as powerful or beautiful as this…

S. P. Joseph Lyons is the author of The DRUX Series, about wizards, mages, warriors and warlords, with epic battles and true love. Love is his passion and delight.

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