Portrait_de_DanteDear readers, tonight we have a special treat – Dante Alighieri, who appears as a character in his own novel Inferno, the first part of The Divine Comedy.



Dante, I understand you journeyed through Hell for your most popular book, Inferno. Could you give a brief overview of your journey for us?

Of course! I started my journey on the night of Good Friday in the year of our Lord 1300. I was 35 years old at the time.

I found myself lost in the woods and the shade of Virgil visited me, and said that I could find Paradise, but I would have to go through Hell to get there.

For you modern folk, please note that at the time we called spirits shades, i.e. shadows of what they once were when they were alive.

Regardless, I accepted Virgil’s suggestion, and what follows became Inferno. Continue reading “Dante (of Inferno – fanfic by Jon Maas)”