Dear readers, tonight with us is an other-worldly spirit, here to tell us about the coming apocalypse where one family must survive— where family drama, trauma, and mythical creatures are just the start.

As the door shined with energy inside it, a figure emerges from it. First a handmade of a noxious white gas. Then from it a unnaturally arm and body, all made up of the same smoke with the proportions of a stick figure. The face was nothing but two orbs of pale, sickly white and a closed mouth that occasionally revealed deathly white teeth.

(shifting the neck in cracking manner) Alright, lets get this interview over with. I have business with a tricksy Indian in Puerto Rico about a staff.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

(Smirks with a Cheshire grin) I am not at liberty to share that bit of information but I can share other bits. I am the representative of Europa to the America’s. Back in the glory days of colonization I was sent to make sure that the magical elements of the indian’s-

Why do you refers to the American natives by outdated terms?

(rolls his eyes) fine, the natives, I was sent by the leading magical elements to keep things civil. To make sure the mortals war of conquest would not be interfered with. Agreement the Eura-Asian gods had since the days of Christ.


(shrugs) I am not asked to question but to maintain but think of it this way. If worship is power and the Christian/Muslim god was allowed to fight the other gods directly…How long would the pagan god’s last. We are lucky the Christian and Muslim prefers to humiliate them. Letting them simmer in hate as his worshiper grows.

Did you have any favourite toys as a child? Any cherished memories?

(Muller manifests a sharp weapon, a runic axe that has Norse runes on it.)

I would leave the question of my past behind your prominent thoughts.

(Muller presses the flat of the axe next to the interviewer’s head, and says with cold pale eyes staring into the soul): Unless you wish to know the rage of a Hari.

What do you do now?

As I said earlier its about making sure that the natives give us a fair shake of things. When the magical order of the Pantheons came to the America’s the colonist and native population was split in two. The magical and the mortal. The mortals had their wars and their revolutions while we offered the magical native population the option to keep their traditions and way of life while allowing the colonist to mimic the biggest cities in the magical realms.

In essence, I am the middle man between the city dwelling colonists and rural natives. And the one that prepares the apocalypse on the Europa end.

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

(shrugs with little regard) It is as I said and to answer two questions, yes. That is my current duty. The world is dying, the humans poisoned the planet and many magical creature want to reclaim the world they lost. When the Christ was resurrected in Rome, magic began to dimmish in mortal realm so it started as survival. Then the Abrahamic god grew in strength to the point of necessity. And now.

(Muller manifest from his wrist a trio of symbols. A star of David, a star and moon, and a cross. He then tossed them up in the air-slicing them all into pieces with his axe.)

We will reclaim it, when the time is right. For instance, when I get my staff after this annoying interview.

What did you first think when some says that shouldn’t happen?

(the spirit sighs) They would be monumentally stupid and going against their interest. The god of Abraham failed this world. It is dying while the mortal become fat and lazy, engorged on their self-satisfied boredom of being accountable to a silent, invisible god.

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

(the spirit strokes his gaseous form) At most…Maybe that Hindu demigoddess. Far be it that I throw accusations at either of the Hindu demigods that walk this or the mystic realm. But She is a time-bomb of power and reckless conviction. She might be easily influenced by dangerous element.

What is the worst thing about preparing for the apocalypse?

The variables. Everyone wants something different to happen. Do you know how many cultures have different versions of the end of days.

What is the best thing about it?

(smirks) Seeing a plan come together.

Tell us a little about your friends.

(stares at his smoky fingers) I have allies, not friends. Collaborators and such. Whether I whisper in the ears of neo-Nazis or ineffectual white liberals centrists.

Any romantic involvement?

No, thank the gods.

Whom (or what) do you really hate?

If I must compile a list of potential enemies…Then I must say Augustine, my counterpoint among the natives. Their representative. I swear with the way he speaks he is just waiting for a method to wipe out the colonial population of both the magical and mortal realm.

What’s your favorite drink, color, and relaxing pastime?

(stares at the interviewer with annoyance) Fine. Finely woven, plantation tobacco and white. I travel for pleasure. Mostly landmarks of Europa empire and the remaining great Europa empire. The U.S.

What does the future hold for you?

If all goes well then, we will have a proper war with the natives. With demigods and Shamen trading blows as the monotheists die off. What a wondrous thought.

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

(leans in) I know secrets of Augustine’s family that would leave heads spinning and pantheon quake.

(Muller gets away from the interviewer. Turning back to the glowing door frame.)

All that I can say is that the bastard should really treat his family, lest they turn against him.

(The spirit laughed and laughed before stepped into the portal. The interviewer feeling that, at minimal, he gave the speaker of Europa a laugh)

Vox Deruste is the name of an elemental being that writes stories from the mind of the human that summoned him. An Illinois resident with a wide trove of knowledge of various topics, especially myth and legends. He endeavors to pass along good stories to those willingly to listen.

You can find Muller on the pages of The New Age: The Caribbean witch.

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