Dear readers, tonight we interview a young woman who found herself at the clashing point of science and the supernatural. She is here to talk about anxiety, the dangers of the Amazon river, and were-dolphins.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

I lived in Narragansett,  Rhode Island until I was eighteen. A beach town known as Gansett by locals. Being in New England, it’s cold much of the year. Despite this I walked along the beach all the time, whether it was returning home from school or just to wander while looking at the ocean. Narragansett is also known for it’s Witch’s Altar and Druid’s Chair. Joseph Peace Hazard built the Druid styled burial site for his family. Even though it’s located in a rich and considerably safe neighborhood, I was always too scared to go there. It wasn’t just because of my conflicts over the paranormal at the time. I was terrified I’d run into classmates doing crazy stuff there. It’s the perfect place to have sent my anxiety through the roof. I hated parties and drugs. Add illegal trespassing and satanic rituals? I’m staying as far away as possible. 

So do you believe in ghosts, spirits, the paranormal?

I tried not to for a long time. It scared me too much and anything which spiked my anxiety was something I always ran away from. The science I long studied didn’t give such things much value. Yet this didn’t comfort me. Somehow I knew science didn’t have the real answers for any of this. Answers about the mysterious  woman and Amazon River Dolphins I dreamed about. Answers about the power from the Dolphin tooth I found. Spending years being haunted by the ghost of a Weredolphin and finally having the paranormal literally staring you in the face changed that. I didn’t start to believe, I started to know it’s real.

Do you know how you got your name?

I don’t actually. Yet for years of my life, I very much felt like the moon. Watching others from afar. Living in my own space far from others. Not known well by most. Most of the time people passed me without a thought. Occasionally I would be stared at and it would terrify me. I found comfort being isolated and alone. But overtime, I learned to illuminate through my own light. 

Did you have any favourite things as a child? Any cherished memories?

There were glow in the dark stars on my ceiling I loved looking at when I couldn’t go outside to look at the real stars. I didn’t have things I was attached to as a child. I loved stargazing. It’s one of the few things which calmed me as a kid. I still take much comfort in it now, even if the constellations visible to me have changed. I don’t remember my family much. We were all ghosts to each other. Barley seeing or interacting with one another. 

Do you have thoughts on Astrology/Astronomy? 

Both are of equal value to me now that I know what I know. But there is still much I need to learn about both. Looking to the stars teaches you a lot, but not everything. There is still much I need to do in order to better understand the Cosmos. But there are also things I won’t understand even in my new life. Yet I can still gaze in awe. 

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

I was in combat training with a Werejaguar. The first Jaguar I ever encountered nearly killed me. Training with a Werejaguar, who can take on both Jaguar and Humanoid form, has given me the advantages I need to survive in the wilderness. I have scars to prove it and I’m proud of them. 

What did you first think when you found out Weredolphins were real? 

My conflict about science and mythos came to a head. The science I’d long studied proved to be unreliable. My dreams were telling me the actual truth. My views on the world came to the conclusion I’d anticipated deep down for years; science isn’t reliable and the world is more magical than most people ever get to realize. Love also proved to be finally real to me.

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

There are many creative ways to die in the Amazon. Eaten by Alligators. Shocked by an Electric Eel. Bitten by a Brazilain Wandering Spider. There are still Sharks in the Amazon River FYI; Bull Sharks in particular which are known to be highly aggressive. I didn’t even list the dangers coming from weather, plants, poachers, paranormal, etc. The list of risks goes on and on. 

What is the worst thing about social anxiety?

Dealing with people was a major stress and fear of mine. It caused me to miss out on fun experiences as well as having relationships with other humans. Developing relationships with nonhumans has been my way of finally overcoming this. 

Any romantic involvement?

The literal woman of my dreams. Dreams which led me right to her.

What’s your favourite drink, colour, and relaxing pastime? 

Coffee is magic. Coffee was my long companion through my biology studies and beloved drawing sessions. I still love drawing animals and women to this day as well. Coffee provided the fuel to get me through anxious situations and attain what I needed to to ensure I could support myself as a Biologist. I love the taste, the look, the smell. Yes, the caffeine caused my anxiety to get worse at times. But I can’t ever speak ill of coffee when it’s done wonders for me.

What does the future hold for you?

I will spend the rest of my days in Brazil living among those who dwell in the Amazon River.  I’m thrilled with the wonders I will be encountering the rest of my life here. I don’t have much of an answer for you beyond that. In my old life, I would be terrified by that. But now, I take on the adventure of each new day and I love each moment. 

Reveal Something No One Else Knows.

I will tell you something no other human currently knows. Scientists have been looking for the ancestral link between Amazon River Dolphins and Oceanic Dolphins. The link isn’t a Dolphin, it’s actually a type of Dinosaur. A Dinosaur scientists have only found a few bones of. These bones may still be enough for them to figure it out though, my greatest discoveries came from just one Dolphin Tooth.

Paige Etheridge is a Taoist. Piscean. Athenian, Writer figuring things out while making life as interesting as possible.

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