Dear readers, tonight on the interview couch is a tattoo artist from the near future. She is here to tell us about her dystopian future, with government-pushed drugs and the security of gangs, and about cyborgs – both human and whales.

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What was it like there?

2100s Seattle. Starbucks is still a thing, but I’ve never been there. Many of the buildings of the city are empty and covered in vines. Nature has been taking back the city. Where there’s room on the outside walls, art is created. The government can’t keep up with stopping these artists. They never caught up to my art either. 

Did you have any favourite toys as a child? Any cherished memories?

I have a stuffed Unicorn which was my only toy as a child. I also held onto a Dreamcatcher from that time as an afterthought. But even when I was young, I was creating art on walls. I painted the walls of my room. I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but I always had my paint. My parents were too out of it to ever stop me. When I left for the last time, I also brought my paint with me. 

What do you do now?

I design tattoos which can glow in the dark. These express both the uniqueness of the individuals as well as fulfilling their needs in battle. I train with Infinity in ancient combat techniques while also honing in on the abilities left in my body after having the chip removed. 

What can you tell us about your latest adventure?

I swam with Cyborcas: Orcas with technological additions to their bodies. We don’t speak the same language, but communicate telepathically. It’s an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had with a human. It’s still unknown how Cyborcas came to be, but they are some kind of a result of the struggles Orcas faced off the Washington Coast during the 21st Century. 

What was joining Infinity like?

I gained weight, both fat and muscle, after joining Infinity. I’m actually happy to see the changes in my form. I finally feel stronger and more in touch with the earth as well as my own body. I can do things I never could before both in combat as well as general physical feats. I also don’t need to run like I used to.

What was the scariest thing in your adventures?

Before it was constant flight, until I learned how to stand my ground. Now it’s the nightmares.

Tell us a little about your friends.

Wolf trained me in the art tattooing. She was inspired by the graffiti art I created while living in Seattle and knew I would be a great fit for an apprenticeship. I met her while she was howling with Wolves. 

Any romantic involvement?

Being a street kid led me to having a complicated love life. But I never forgot my first love before I ran away from home and he ended up finding me. 

Whom (or what) do you really hate?

I fear Aziel will never stop haunting my dreams. 

What’s your favourite drink, colour, and relaxing pastime? 

Blue is my favorite color. It is the rarest color found in nature. It’s a color that makes me feel otherworldly while connected to the world around me. It makes me feel powerful and brave. I love adorning myself in blue as using it in my art. 

What does the future hold for you?

My hope is that I will be able to choose. There are those who would use me as a bio-weapon in their wars and politics. I worry that will be a reality for me one day. That I’ll somehow end up in a situation and commit unspeakable acts. I’ve been starting to see the realities of war, and it opened a door I can never close. 

Can you share a secret with us, which you’ve never told anyone else?

I miss how often I used to eat Pop-Tarts.

Paige Etheridge is a Taoist. Piscean. Athenian, Writer figuring things out while making life as interesting as possible.

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