SPFBO – Self Published Fantasy Blog-Off – for 2019 is here! This is an annual event, where 300 indie fantasy books are judged by 10 blogs, to a final winner. It’s brutal, just like the fantasy we love.

You can find the list of all this year’s entrants here. There’s also cover contests, general shenanigans, and a communal 0.99 price promo coming in August, with about half of the entrants participating.

For our part, we have extended an open invitation to all characters to come sit on the interview couch and tell us a bit about themselves. With 300 books, even though most will likely not have the time to come here, we’re still expecting an above average volume of interviews. So for the next few weeks, we’ll publish an additional interview each Monday (and if needed, more times during the week).

Click here to see all the SPFBO character interviews!

Now get some mead, sit back, and brace yourself for a summer of indie fantasy!

(And, if you’ll be reading indie fantasy this summer – we suggest you also check out the Indie Fantasy Addicts Summer Challenge!)